How Did I Get Here: Yarn Along

I’m linking up with Ginny at Small Things today.


I’m not sure how I got roped into pretty much all the things that have been taking up my week… K. has been obsessed with getting some leg warmers… we went shopping last weekend and somehow we came home with an inexpensive ball of yarn and K.’s expectant smile instead of leg warmers.  I did what every mother does in these circumstances:

“Yes yes of course darling!  I only have 40 other knitting projects on the go and two very pressing gifts to finish!!  Of course I have time!!”

And then I have a lot of unexpected paperwork associated with being a 4-H leader … again, I’m not quite sure how that happened.  One minute I am happily but halfheartedly helping my kids out and the next I’m club treasurer and leading three club projects.  So I have read a little more of  S (but not much) and rolled a few more layers of Manos del Uruguay (but not much) and tried to finish M.’s biker cowl (but not much) and attempted to knit my mother-in-law a birthday gift in time for this Sunday (but not much).

Happy Wednesday lovely fiber fans!

xx Joanna

8 thoughts on “How Did I Get Here: Yarn Along

  1. I ask myself this question all the time! Lol, how do we get tangled in those wonderful webs? I NEED to register my eldest for 4-H this year, but I fear it will only add to the already chaotic life children seem destined to lead in US…the balance is so tricky. Good on ya’ for being such an involved mama! xx

    • Oh you darling! Wonderful webs! You are clearly one of the “Charlottes” of this world where as I take a much more “Templeton” approach to these things! I’m rather hoping to be bought off with a little metal pin that says “Leader” on it (I’m cheap).

  2. My goodness I can relate. I went from helping the scout troop to leading it for 7 years. And my daughter asks me last night to knit a cowl for her. Like I don’t have 8 other projects to get finished before Xmas! But how can ya say no? Even if she is an adult. Happy Knitting!

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