Velvet Pincushion Balls- Yarn Along

I’m linking up with Ginny over at Small Things for her midweek Yarn Along.

Manos del Uruguay and S by J. J. Abrams- Yarn Along @ Sweet Little Wood

Not a lot of knitting achieved this week as I’ve been rollin’…  rollin’ with the Manos del Uruguay in the deliciously mossy “Velvet Pincushion”.  Seriously: I want the job of whoever it is that gets to think up the names for balls of wool!  Its a beautiful fine handspun which is for a special project I can’t reveal because my family read this blog… all will be revealed but not for a looong time… sorry.  I don’t have any tools for making balls so I just do it by hand.  I actually don’t mind rolling my own (as it were) because then I get a center feeding ball which is sooo much more pleasant to use than the usual ball chase…

ME: knitting peacefully in my own little world innocently pulling on ball of wool…

BALL: jumps around till it escapes the bag/bowl/basket/box it was placed in…

ME: knitting peacefully in my own little world innocently pulling on ball of wool…

BALL: winds its way around any available chair legs, my legs, family’s legs picking up any detritus from the floor as it goes…

ME: knitting peacefully in my own little world innocently pulling on ball of wool…

BALL: makes it’s way into the most filthy dust-bunny full corner it can find and proceeds to pick up any detritus it finds….

ME: knitting peacefully in my own little world innocently pulling on ball of wool…

BALL: artfully drapes itself across the path where one of the family are about to walk… trips up daughter/husband (delete appropriately) and gets hopelessly wedged into item of furniture requiring some minor surgery to remove…

ME: “Hey watch where you are….  oh dear.”

My book is responsible for the conspicuous lack of crafting and knitting this week: I am currently reading S by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst.  I am utterly consumed.  I cannot describe the book to you.  I cannot tell you what the plot is I just know I MUST read it.  I MUST know what happens.  It is a real thing, a living real thing in my head…. okay… breath… start at the beginning:

I was in the book store… with a gift card and a 25% off discount.  I had been given a gift and I was going to buy a book that day. No question.  Which is in itself so exciting: I love getting new books.  And I found this book in a black case mysteriously giving nothing away on its cover and looking so tempting but the whole thing was plastic wrapped so I couldn’t flip through it and figure out if I’d like it.  So I used my phone and looked it up on Goodreads– I find  Goodreads wonderful for scoping out a book before putting down good hard money on it.  The first review I clicked open captured me and I realized I had to have S.  

Manos del Uruguay and S by J. J. Abrams- Yarn Along @ Sweet Little Wood

When I got my book home cut away the plastic and removed the black case I held in my hand a stinky old musty library copy of a book called The Ship of Theseus AND someone had been writing all over  it AND they had left loads of notes and postcards shoved into it making it all bumpy!  I have been like an addict ever since but the book is so involved and complicated to read that you need two hands free, no distractions and possibly a note book beside you to keep track of things in.  Other than the Bible (and perhaps the 50 times I’ve read Pride and Prejudice)I have never spent so much time with a book! I have only made it 1/3 of the way through despite picking it up every time I humanly could over the last week… I am totally in love with it.  I just have this fear that J.J. Abrams who loves his weird unsolvable mysteries (think “LOST” and “FRINGE”) is going to leave me wondering and totally incapable of solving his impossible puzzles!

Manos del Uruguay and S by J. J. Abrams- Yarn Along @ Sweet Little Wood


xx Jo


16 thoughts on “Velvet Pincushion Balls- Yarn Along

  1. WOW, the goodreads description of your book makes it sound amazing! You definitely would need two hands to read and apparently a lot of Post-it notes! I loved Lost but gave birth to my middle child in the middle of the show’s run and sort of stopped watching it and then when I tried to restart in the second to the last season I was too utterly lost, lol, accidental pun there. His work really makes you think, that’s for sure.

    Your “conversation” with the ball of yarn is totally me! Mine always seems to run off under the fireplace–eek!–and comes out all sooty and full of dust. It’s like these skeins are trying to tell us to be better housekeepers? Little devils. Beautiful colorway.

  2. How wonderful you found a book that spellbinds you! With all its notes it seems to cary a lot of history and personality. The time for your beautiful yarn will come. Later 😉

    • I don’t even know where to start… there is the book to read (The Ship of Theseus) but then there is this side story which take place in the margin notes involving two lit. majors and their research about the author of The Ship of Theseus… its so convincing.

  3. Oh gosh, I know what you mean about yarn balls. Mine made a run for it on the bus once, rolling under four seats in front of me before I could retrieve it. and I’ve heard of people’s escaping as train doors close – they had to cut their project free or have it unravel! They really have minds of their own, don’t they?

    That book sounds…well. It’s an overused word, but it sounds unique! And incredibly intriguing. I love books that suck you in like that 🙂

  4. I have to check out that book! Sounds so intriguing! I used to chase yarn balls around…well actually my cats used to chase my yarn balls around, but then my husband got me a ball winder and wow was that a life changer! I love the ritual involved with setting up the wooden swift and the sound it makes on it’s little ball bearings while it spins onto the ball winder. …it’s the little things 😉

  5. That book sounds fascinating! Something fun to keep you busy during cold winter months. And I can’t wait to see what you are making with that gorgeous yarn.

  6. Hilarious! There are always balls of yarn escaping around here. Especially as Mr 3 loves to do his own ‘knitting’, which involves wrapping yarn all around the house – chair legs, doorknobs, everywhere. Then you have to do a contortionist obstacle course for a while until I am allowed to undo his knitting. Cute though!
    That books sounds intriguing. I love anything about Ancient Greece so the title alone got me in. I thought that was what you were reading until I clicked on the review. What a clever, clever idea. My 19 year old daughter would love this too. Not a book my library will ever get in – can you imagine? – so I may have to get a Christmas present for me!

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