Meritence- Yarn Along

IMG_7507I did decide to cast on Meritence for myself, but I am probably going to have to start the other project before I get too far done with My Meritence.  Oh my Giddy Aunt is this pattern a headache!  Its all correct and it works just fine but the way it’s written requires so much mental gymnastics I dread picking it up and figuring out where I’m at!  I’m sure it will all get easier once I’m past the armpits and onto the looong stockinette section.

I have just finished reading  The Forgotten Sister: Mary Bennet’s Pride and Prejudice.  For years I have been avoiding Jane Austen spin offs after an unfortunate run in with Pride, Prejudice and Zombies (followed by a sad encounter with Death Comes to Pemberly) but I actually really enjoyed The Forgotten Sister!  It is a first person narrative but set against the back drop of Pride and Prejudice it feels much broader because you already know what was happening the room next door!  I actually didn’t believe the love story but the rest of it was magnificent!

I’m linking up with Ginny for a Yarn Along.

xx Joanna

8 thoughts on “Meritence- Yarn Along

  1. I dread working on projects like that. I hear Knit Companion is a great tool for iPhone and iPad for those sorts of projects. I bought it but I have not used it yet. Learning the process is on my to-do list.

  2. I don’t know anythnig about that pattern, but from the photo it shouldn’t be that taxing – probably the patttern could have used some editing. But, I agree with Donna – KnitCompanion is a great tool for projects that you need to cut and paste to make sense for yourself. I use it for everything – it’s expensive for an app, but for charts, there’s nothing that even compares! It’s an excellent investment.

    • Thank you for more info in KnitCompanion! I thought this pattern was going to be a breeze looking at the finished cardi and that is probably part of why I’m so confused. All the pattern and size notes are written in a grid format I have never come across before. I keep scratching my head and trying to figure out where I am in the process. But it also uses provisional cast on which I have never done before so there are still a few adventures to come!

  3. What a bummer about the pattern being so difficult-but I sure hope you persevere as it is a lovely garment. I have not read any Austen spin-off either for the same reasons! 🙂 This is my first visit to your blog–via Ginny’s Yarn Along–and I have enjoyed “getting to know you”.

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