Pattern Building for Bikers Yarn Along

Harley Davidson’s and knitting aren’t something often mentioned in the same post but… here you find it!

M. has a Harley gifted to him by my sweet sister when we went to Tennessee this summer.  Its so very funny: he gets endlessly ribbed at work for riding a purple motorbike!  this time of year on mornings which are warm enough not to frost he wants to ride his bike but is a little put off by the cold which is pretty pervasive on a bike- the freezing air rushes up under the chin piece of his helmet and cut through almost any clothes worn.  Most biker scarves make you look like bank robber or Isis extremist- covered in black with just the eyes showing. I can’t show you a current photo because I managed to wear out both of my camera’s batteries without recharging… duh.

Knitting & A Day at Small Creek, Northern California @ Sweet Little Wood

Knitting at the beach.

So I’ve been working on knitting M. a multiple temperature scarf which rides low across the shoulders and sits nicely flat under the edge of his snug leather jacket fits snug around the neck then rides high up his chin and lower face.  The knitted part is easy but he doesn’t like scratchy stuff against his neck so I have had to design it out of cotton.  And then as I’ve mentioned before he is a hot/cold/hot sort of guy and he bike to work in the cold and comes home when its about 30 degrees warmer so the scarf needs to meet those needs too.

Its going to be a gift for his birthday but annoyingly he already knows all about it because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut!  So he will read this and know more… again… Sigh.  I’m on prototype 3 but it is almost there.  It will have multiple linings which can be swapped out depending on the temperature.  I will share the pattern when it becomes finalized if anyone is interested… it could be I have a dorky biker husband who would rather wear a knitted cowl than a scary Isis style skull scarf and no one else would ever bother but maybe if there is one other knitter out there who is a total nerd addicted to his or her other half’s comfort…

I’ve been reading Days of Splendor Days of Sorrow by Juliet Grey (another library digital copy… do you see a theme emerging?) I am quite frankly sickened by it.  The decadence and ignorance written in first person narrative.  Not really a fan but: I. Just. Keep. Reading. It.  Why is that?  I have thousands of books I want to read that would educate me and make me happy but I seem to be compulsively reading a book I don’t enjoy.

Can anyone recommend a good fictional book with a bit of historical accuracy that wont make me feel like guillotining the characters?

Getting late in today but I’m linking up with Ginny at Small Things.

xx Joanna

4 thoughts on “Pattern Building for Bikers Yarn Along

  1. Who knew that Harley Davidson and knitting could be such a good combination! 😀 I’m curious to see how your design will end up, it must be quite challenging to make something that meets all the different weather demands.

  2. I crochet a cowl for me and Chris but it was not to good when got really cold. Only worked earlier cool downs. Can’t wait get the pattern. The purple bike very manly…the roses might not be…Lol but I did LUV the paint job….Ok still luv the paint….

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