Weekend Plans: September 12th – 14th

1: My weekend is going to start at the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show which is our local fair in Boonville.  It is my favorite ever because of the delicious California State Wool and Fiber Festival which is housed in one of the main pavilions.  So many different vendors and displays!  Last year I learned how to use a barrel carding machine and began to seriously mourn my spinning wheel (sold in England before we moved a year and 9 months ago).  As Death would say: I AM SADNESS.  I got so excited last year I forgot to take a single photo of anything in the pavilion!  Seriously if you have never seen the State Wool and Fiber Festival get on up here!!  This year I am committed to be helping out at the 4-H booth on Friday but I shall be scooting over to pet some lovely soft roving and slobber over the hand dyed skeins.

California wool and fiber festival

2: A certain Birthday Girl wanted only one thing for her birthday and that was a trip to Six Flags Great America.  Well, we told her no and then they came out with a spectacular annual membership deal which made the trip worthwhile. This time however we will try out Six Flags Discovery Kingdom which is about an hour closer to us and we’ve never been to that one so… Yee-haw!

3: The CCPRA finals -excuse me- semi-finals are held at the Apple Show on Sunday afternoon.  You better believe I’m gonna be there baby!!

CCPRA Rodeo. Mariposa County Fair 2013

CCPRA Rodeo. Mariposa County Fair 2013

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

xx Jo

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