The Monday Craptastrophe

I had exciting visions of sharing this awesome project with you today:

Sweet Little Wood Craft Project planning sketch, antler necklace

I had designed the project and planned it ages ago with anticipation: a Monday Project I would get to keep and wear myself! Yay! AND (for husbands who worry over the bursting craft supply room) it was being made entirely with supplies I already had! Double Yay!!

It was almost done but that- dear readers- is the moment to beware of… CRAFT CATASTROPHE STRUCK!

Sweet Little Wood, antler necklace craptastrophe

 Sadly it has been one of those weeks.  things just keep getting away from me.

First- I lost J.’s birthday bracelet.  It still hasn’t showed up.

{So Ashamed}

Second- It may be a cause for my first problem and then exacerbated in the hunt for J.’s bracelet but my craft room looks like this…

{So Embarrassed}

Now… The Monday Crap-tastrophe.  Excuse me while I go cry.

xx  Jo

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