Fabulous Faberge Eggs

Faberge style egg SVG file for Silhouette and Cricut .

Easter is coming and I’ve designed a couple of files I have been dreaming of for a long time!

Faberge style eggs in a simple SVG designed for Silhouette Cameo Studio Designer and Cricut Design Studio users! Available at my Etsy shop and (cheaper!!) through SnapDragon Snippits.

Faberge style egg SVG file for Silhouette and Cricut .

I’ve designed three eggs all of which can be placed on the sweet stand that is included in the file.  The stand is simply made of three pieces which slot together.

Faberge style egg SVG file for Silhouette and Cricut .

They are super duper easy to put together by gently folding the five sides up together and gluing/sticking the circular tabs together.  Add the cute crown and bow if you like and your eggs are ready for some seriously elegant hunting!  They look adorable as part of a table display and can be stuffed with little treats so long as you keep them light (it is made of paper after all)!

Faberge style egg SVG file for Silhouette and Cricut .

Faberge style egg SVG file for Silhouette and Cricut .

Happy Crafting all!



The Monday Project: A Hobbit Hole Tissue Box

Hello my dear Bagginses and Boffins, Tooks and Brandybucks, Grubbs, Chubbs, Hornblowers, Bolgers, Bracegirdles and Proudfoots.  It’s the beginning of allergy season in Bag End and quite frankly no self respecting Hobbit should be without some sort of nose blowing material!  To battle this sneezey time of the year I offer you a limited time SVG free-bee!

DIY: Hobbit Hole Tissue Box SVG

Its fun and easy to make and the pieces are mostly self explanatory.  All the pieces can be cut from 12 x 12 card and you will need 2 sheets for the Hobbit Hole walls, 1 sheet for the roofing and several colors of scrap card for all the embellishments. As usual please do not distribute or sell my files or sell products made from my files.  The file will remain free on this site (at the bottom) for about a month, after which time I will be offering it for sale in my shop at SnapDragon Snipits and Etsy.

1: Once your pieces are cut by hand, Silhouette Cameo (using the full size SVG) or Cricut Design Space (using the 50% SVG expanded to full size) adhere the windows and door to the back of the body of the house, crease the perforations and use double sided tape to stick together the edges.

DIY: Hobbit Hole Tissue Box SVG

2: Place the window frames and door frame on the outside of your hobbit hole windows/door.

DIY: Hobbit Hole Tissue Box SVG

3: compile your tiny window boxes with as much foliage and flowers as you think Samwise Gamgee can manage to keep watered.

DIY: Hobbit Hole Tissue Box SVG

4:Place the bushy foliage with the perforations aligned with the corner of the house.  The join in the front should be covered by the front door step.DIY: Hobbit Hole Tissue Box SVG

5: Once the front, back and sides of your hobbit house are compiled you can put the sides on. I suggest sticking the A frame part together first and then the sides.

DIY: Hobbit Hole Tissue Box SVG

6: The roof is compiled of 5 pieces.  But this photo shows it all in one piece… 5 pieces are much cuter but I ran out of time so just go with it eh? Align them slightly layered like shingles ensuring that the tissue hole lines up. Pop it over your tissue box!

Tissue Hobbit Hole SVG files for Silhouette and Cricut.

I hope you enjoy it!  I’ll be at the Green Dragon if you have any questions.

xx Jo

The Monday Project: Drink Tea, Create, Sleep, Repeat Wall Art

Happy first Monday of a brand spanking new year.

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

Have you made resolutions?  I stink at resolutions: I am bound to forget it immediately and manage to achieve only the opposite of my intentions by the next new year’s resolutions.  I would be better of making a resolution strictly forbidding the thing I actually want to do like:

“I will absolutely not manage to get my crafting room tidied up this year. “

So instead I have a little sign to hang in my craft room just to remind me of the things I really need to do :

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

This project is really fun to do, cheap and looks pretty awesome when finished! 


Get together:

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

A clip float frame  I found mine for $2.00 at Walmart

Gold Spray Paint  (or silver or whatever color you like) $3.25 – I like Krylon because of the amazing spray nozzle.

Gold Scrapbook Card (or silver or whatever color you like) mine is Recollections and I got it at Michaels $1.49- on sale

Contrasting Scrapbook card: glitter looks cool but is annoying to cut  $1.49- on sale


Pull apart your float frame and spray the little plastic frame edges.

Cut your back ground card (I used gold) to letter size.

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

Now for the fun part!

To cut by hand print the black and white free-bee JPEG from the zip file below (it is in reverse already so you can print it directly onto the back of your contrasting card or onto printer paper.  If you have a Shilouette or Cricut with SVG cutting software this is where you get to show off and cut the free SVG file in no time!  If you just cannot be dealing with the cutting at all there is a color print version too.  As previously: feel free to use and share the free file but please don’t sell anything made from my files without prior permission and please give credit to Sweet Little Wood if you share the files.  Thank you darlings!

Free SVG and Printables for “Drink Tea, Create, Sleep. Repeat” Wall Art

To cut the design by hand I printed onto printer paper and then cut down my contrasting card to letter size.  I lined up the paper and card on my cutting board and taped down the edges of the paper trapping the card between my printed design and the cutting board.  Use a really sharp craft knife (unlike mine!!!) and a ruler for the strait lines to make the process much faster.

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

Once you have cut your design make sure your float frame glass is clean.  I  found out the hard way that Walmart’s frames have a plastic back that scratches super easy… so just be aware of any plastic parts and clean **cautiously**.  You could glue the card pieces together but I rather like the look of the two cards just sandwiched together: some areas gap just a little and create added depth.  A useful trick to get the two sheets of card lined up in the middle of the frame is to place the glass face down a cutting board and use it’s lines to guide placing the card before putting the backing piece on top of the card.  Lining it up by eye was really really unsuccessful for me.

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

Slide on the sides and Bobs your Uncle!

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

Drink Tea, Create, Sleep, REPEAT… That is my year planned out! Simple!

I’m linking up with Awsome Things Tuesday and over at Creating My Way to Success.

xx Joanna

A Year of Presents

Happy Monday to you lovely people!

M. turns 39 this week and I have his solemn word that he will not peek at any posts before then… so M. if you are reading this:

You only have yourself to blame!!

A Year of Presents: A gift for men that lasts all year! @ Sweet Little WoodBuying gifts for men is so hard! Either they don’t want anything, or the stuff they want is so technical they have to buy it!  Which is why- men- you get socks, ties and chocolates.

Just sayin’.

M. falls into the “wants nothing” category but perversely I think he actually would be disappointed to get nothing!  I now realize that when he says he doesn’t want anything he means he wants me to think up what he might enjoy… that is almost worse than him wanting something highly technical.

So this year I am giving him a year of presents which works like this:

A Year of Presents: 12 cards + 12 messagest and gifts + One cool gift for your guy!  @ Sweet Little Wood

12 cards all labeled with the date he is to open each card.  Each one contains a note and a gift (gift cards/ tickets/ planned days out/ etc). On every month’s anniversary of his birthday he gets to open a new card from his stash.  Thus giving a whole year of gifts in one small slim packet.  Because one of his jobs is planning and paying for date nights more than half of his cards this year have date nights- prepaid or gift cards (cinema gift certificates/ dinner out/ money for drinks at a free concert).  The other cards have ideas for things we can do as a family (picnics/ swimming/ hiking/ camping/ etc).  They can be free gifts like- M. loves cooking over a fire out of doors so its easy to incorporate that into a free date night or family fun day.

A Year of Presents: 12 cards + 12 messagest and gifts + One cool gift for your guy!  @ Sweet Little Wood

The cards I’m using are an SVG design available through my Etsy Shop– which includes the 12 card designs card lining (which are cut from patterned paper) and envelope pattern.  Obviously you could use any 12 cards!!

A Year of Presents: 12 cards + 12 messagest and gifts + One cool gift for your guy!  @ Sweet Little Wood

Last weeks Frugal Gift Wrapping Ideas are great for this gift!  I cut my adorable little house specifically to fit these cards and envelopes which I cut at 3.2 inches wide and 6.3 inches high…

A tiny house made from a cereal box @ Sweet Little Wood

Perfect Fit.



New Designs in Snapdragon Shop

Hello precious friends!  I hope your Thanksgiving was beautiful!  Such a wonderful holiday but I am now wondering if its better to just scarf down all that pie really fast so it is out of sight and no longer taunting me with it’s cinnamon goodness or to meter it out and eat sensible portions… I never have been good at pie rationing.

I’ve got some new designs going up over at Snapdragon Snippets: great paper-crafting SVG shop with Wintry Christmassy yumminess!

SweetLittleWood.yarnandneedles-1.1 SweetLittleWood.vintagebaubles-1.1 SweetLittleWood.snowglobe-1.1

These designs will also be available through my Etsy store soon!

xx Joanna

The Monday Project: Super Baby

My oldest niece (we will call her P.) is only 8 years younger than me.  We spent so much time together till she was 11 and I moved to England with M. that I felt like she was more of a little sister to me: in fact she is two months older than M.’s younger brother so it is plausible.  P. called me Nana -which is a long story that belongs to my eldest nephew but it really isn’t as weird as it seems. That has morphed now we are older into Aunt Joanna for most of my nieces and nephews though sometimes an Aunt Nana sneaks out and makes me all giddy inside.  I really wouldn’t mind if P. just called me Jo so long as she keeps calling me.

Of all my nieces and nephews (there are 13) I know her best of all which must have something to do with the time we spent together all those years ago.  She is the person who calls me most frequently and because she lives in my hometown some 6 hours away I probably have seen her more often since the move than any of the rest of the family.  I feel that I know P. like a sister where my other nieces I was always more of an aunt figure.  I’m not sure if anyone else gets the differentiation.   Probably it comes down to how I treat her: I tell her what I think and I don’t pamper her; that doesn’t always go down well but it is actually a complement so I will continue to do it anyway!   If I am honest P. probably gets a raw deal from it : Aunties are always nicer than sisters when it comes down to being spoiled rotten!

Super Baby 12 months of onesies @ Sweet Little Wood

P. recently had her third baby.  I have taken care of the three girl thing and she now has three boys so balance has been restored to cosmic forces. I am a lucky lucky Auntie because this weekend we braved the rain and drove the hundreds of miles so I could visit her and kiss that sweet wee boy.  And now- my friends- I can share with you the project I’ve been working on for awhile and itching to show!

Months and months ago on Pintrest I saw THIS:

12 months of onesies: on Pintrest.

12 months of onesies: on Pintrest.

I haven’t been able to find anyone to attribute this craft project to but I think it is brilliant.  And strangely there is nothing quite as cute on Etsy.  So when I found out one of my nieces was expecting a boy I decided I had to do this project but I wanted to up the ante (pun intended) and make it super cool!

Introducing a Pintresting SUPER BABY gift:

12 onesies- 0 to 12 months, prewashed

months 1-3 and the three designs

You can get the files for the pattern at the bottom of the page in SVG format, Silhouette cut file format , PNG and JPEG format. If you have a craft cutter like a Silhouette Cameo its easy-peasy to use otherwise the PNG/JPEG are there to use as a templates. My files are for private use only please do not reproduce the files, sell the files, or sell products made from the files without my permission.

I started out with the intention of doing the wax paper method but I had run out of wax paper so I decided to try to wing the painting using just card as a stencil… EPIC FAIL!  Don’t try this at home children! So I reverted to lovely old vinyl!  I so wish I had taken pictures of my craptastrophe… it was rather a mess.

12 onesies- 0 to 12 months, prewashed

You can easily make the onsies using a wax paper stensil and hand cut design… assuming that you unlike me have got the wax paper when it comes to it!   I have linked to a wax paper stenciling tutorial before but I will give the steps her as well.

What you will need:

12 onesies- 0 to 12 months, prewashed

Wax Paper

Printed image in reverse

 craft knife

fabric paint or all surface paint in 3 colors

paint roller, brush or sponge

1: For cutting the pattern by hand first print the PNG or JPEG in reverse onto copy paper with each image being about 4 inches wide.  Iron wax paper (wax side) to the un-printed side of the paper and cut the pattern using a craft knife.  You many want to leave the word “month/s” off your pattern and just include the number for quick cutting.  If you have a craft cutter cut your patterns out of self adhesive stencil material or follow the instructions above without printing and cut the reinforced wax paper on a light card-stock setting on your machine using the SVGs provided.

2: Iron a square of wax paper larger than your pattern- wax to fabric- inside the chest of the onesies. This will support the fabric, stop it pulling and prevent paint from going through the fabric to the back of the onesie.

3: Peel the copy paper off the wax paper and apply the wax paper wax side down to the chest of the onesies and iron in place. 

4: paint the onesie inside the wax paper stencil using a sponge to dab on paint or a paint-roller .  Immediately remove the front wax paper but leave the inside wax paper till the paint is dry.

5: When dry remove the inner wax paper and allow the paint to set a few days before washing.

What I used:

12 onesies- 0 to 12 months, prewashed

Easy-weed vinyl in green black and red

An iron and my Silhouette Cameo

 For the Vinyl cut version follow the Vinyl manufacturers instructions for application and care.

Superhero Baby 12 Months Of Onesies Zip File

Have a wonderful sweet morning this autumnal Monday!



Sweet Little Wood Meets Snapdragon

I am so excited to let one of my little kitten’s out of the bag (I’m afraid I still have a couple secrets I have to keep for now) and introduce you to the newly refurbished Snapdragon Snippets:

It is a growing  resource for SVGs for all crafting mediums and I am thrilled to be a contributor!  Mike and Kenzie have a talented set of designers and crafters helping to make it a fantastic resource.  I am one of the designers on it to do strictly 2D designs- there are  some totally awesome 3D projects on the site!


And for you lovely people out there who would like to have a go…  they are giving away a Silhouette Portrait with no purchase necessary! Seriously go over there, get yourself registered and bag that thing!!

 Grand Opening DAY!