Castle Pockets and Other Wonders- Yarn Along

I’ve had a very productive knitting run since I last joined in with Ginny’s Yarn Along.  There is nothing quite so wonderful as pulling a finished piece of craft off its final pins and letting it get on with its purpose for existing!Kitty's Green Dream- Christmas Morning SweaterK.’s Green Dream is done and being worn nearly daily!

Esther's Pollen Collectors- Honey's Pollen Collectors Leg WarmersE’s Pollen Collectors were finished in the nick of time for this flash of colder (for California) weather we are having.

Margaret Dashwood Shawl

And I am back to Margaret Dashwood’s Shawl which is a dream to knit and soooooooo easy to modify for size etc. I’m reading Sylvia’s Farm (recommended by Ginny a few weeks ago on the Yarn Along).  Its very inspirationally written but also a little frustrating.  She uses descriptions that defy common use.  I have to wheedle out from her words her meaning and I don’t feel at all like I’m certain I’ve gotten it right!

J. has continued with her shawl and it is coming on beautifully but on top of that she also finished and gifted a project of her own design: J’s Castle pockets!Grimm SatchelJ. made K. a laptop bag for her 16th birthday and had the ingenious idea of a fairy tale theme.  She wanted it to look very simple and mature from the outside but open up to the enchanting world of Grimm’s Fairy Tales (a long time fascination for K. who could easily write a dissertation on the repetitive female characters in the Grimm’s tales).  The bag was sized off a little shopper bag M. was given by the local water district which is the most perfect size for almost any thing you can imagine… I am definitely making myself one of these soon!

Grimm Satchel So she chose a fabric from Heather Ross’s Far Far Away range, an old moth eaten felt army blanket which had a delicious mossy color but needed some selective cutting, leather, hardware, and her own sewing and knitting prowess (with a little help from Mommy)!

J. sewsThese castle pockets were knitted specifically to fit pencils and K’s cell phone after felting.  J. followed some excellent advice I gleaned from the forums and wonderfully friendly knitters over at the Tiny Owl Knits Ravelry group  as she winged the pre-felted knitting.Grimm Satchel

J. knitted the castle pockets in garter stitch from Knit Pick’s Pallete in Gosling which felted into a sturdily dense fabric.  I gave her a hand with the rambling rose embroidery as her time was running very short!  I think I might have to add castle pockets to some of my dresses because I want to look at them all the time.Grimm SatchelHave a wonderful Wednesday and a happy Yarn Along snoop through everyone’s WIP!

xx Jo

An Introduction to Les Trois Soeurs

 I have three  local (ish) cousins. The three daughters of my mother’s sister.  The youngest of these three remarkable women was my very best friend growing up.  She and her partner developed a wonderful line of jewelry which they sell…  A LOT.  Over time both her sister’s have also gotten into the jewelry business.  So here in rural Northern California in little homes and big homes and art studios scattered around these talented wonderful sweeties are hand making wearable art and shipping it to sell in shops and boutiques all over the country.

Now its our turn.Les Trois Souers

My three talented and wonderful daughters are being helped by my cousin and dear friend to create their own line of jewelry…

Les Trois Soeurs

Les Trois Souers

The Three Sisters.

I’m focusing on getting the business off the ground and we are only selling wholesale at the moment but out of the next run of earrings I intend to set aside a batch for sale in my Etsy shop.  Our hope is that by M. and I putting in the effort now we will be able to eventually hand the business over to the girls to grow, fund their college years and set up a nice nest egg for the future.  Currently we sell in Williams, Arizona off Route 66 in a fantastic little western wear store called “Western Outfitters”.  Soon we will be in Santa Barbara and Bodega Bay in Northern California.

Les Trois Souers

I wanted to offer you my lovely readers a pair of earrings. Comment below with your choice of color.  (There are about 50 color, pattern and shape variations… so don’t be shy!)

Next Friday I will draw a name out of a hat and contact the lovely lucky reader for an address.

Les Trois Souers



The Monday Project: Honey’s Pollen Collectors

Honey bees collect pollen on their little leg warmers to take back to the hive to make food for little baby bees. Now you can too in a one size, no gauge Free-Bee legwarmer!

A  few months ago K. asked for leg warmers.  I foolishly decided to make up my own pattern.  They were finished pretty quickly and I was immediately coerced into buying yarn for another two pair for E. and J.  so I could keep trial running the pattern in different yarns.  I put the second run aside for awhile but not before I decided I really wanted to share the pattern.  I finally picked up the knitting again and dug out the scraps of paper I had scratched out notes on to write it up.

There were some peeks at K.’s pair when we went mushrooming in December:

Honey Bees Knees Legwarmers.  A free knitting pattern @Sweet Little Wood

Well my sweet friends… this is actually the first pattern I have written down.  (YIKE!!)   And I am more than a little nervous to be offering it to the knitting world… What if it has a million mistakes?? Or WORSE… what if no one even likes it enough to have a go at the pattern….  so I am hoping some of you darlings out there might fancy some Honey’s Pollen Collector Leg Warmers and might also be willing to give me some feed back on my pattern and how they turn out in different yarns and tensions.  GULP…  Its one size and they stretch.  I used a cheaper 20% wool yarn photographed on K. but the pair I’m currently knitting is in a much nicer cashmere and has a much more pleasant spring to it so your yarn can really make a difference! Its also up on my Ravelry. xx


Honey’s Pollen Collector Leg Warmers by Sweet Little Wood

Yarn: Aran/Bulky yarn makes a large pair of Legwarmers (will stretch up to about 17 inches at the calf- great on bigger legs over leggings or smaller legs over jeans) or Worsted/DK which will make a smaller pair of legwarmers (will stretch up to about 12 inches at the calf).

Needles: set of 4 &4.5 DPN for Aran/Bulky or 3.75 DPN and 4 DPN for Worsted/DK weight yarn; a cable needle

No gauge. The width of the stretched rib pattern is the same at the ankle as the calf so if your initial 2×2 rib stretches to the diameter you want you’re good to go.

Beehive Pattern Notes:
S2BK2 slip 2 stitches to cable needle and hold at back knit 2 off left hand needle
K2C knit 2 off cable needle
S2FK2 slip 2 stitches to cable needle and hold at front knit 2 off left hand needle

Beehive Row A: {S2BK2, K2C, S2FK2, K2C} repeat around
Beehive Row B: {S2FK2, K2C, S2BK2, K2C} repeat around


Cast on 48 stitches on smaller DPN and divide stitches between 4 needles and place marker at beginning of round

{K2, P2} in the round for approximately 4 inches (shoten or lengthen as desired).

Increase round: {K2, M1K, P2, M1P} repeat around (72 stitches)

Knit 1 round on larger DPN

Begin Bee-hive pattern

Row 1: Beehive Row A

Row 2-5: knit round

Row 6: Beehive Row B

Row 7- 12: Knit round

Row 13: Beehive Row A

Row 14- 20: knit around

Row 21: Beehive Row B

Row 22 -28: knit round

Repeat rows 13 -28 twice more (Repeat more to add more length)

Repeat rows 13 -1 (in reverse order)

Decrease round: {K1, K2T} repeat around (48 stitches)

Change to smaller needles if snug upper cuff is desired

{K2, P2} around till cuff measures approx. 4 inches.

Cast off loosely in rib.


Honey's Pollen Collecters Legwarmers.  A free knitting pattern @Sweet Little Wood

If you try them let me know how they turn out!



Fabulous Faberge Eggs

Faberge style egg SVG file for Silhouette and Cricut .

Easter is coming and I’ve designed a couple of files I have been dreaming of for a long time!

Faberge style eggs in a simple SVG designed for Silhouette Cameo Studio Designer and Cricut Design Studio users! Available at my Etsy shop and (cheaper!!) through SnapDragon Snippits.

Faberge style egg SVG file for Silhouette and Cricut .

I’ve designed three eggs all of which can be placed on the sweet stand that is included in the file.  The stand is simply made of three pieces which slot together.

Faberge style egg SVG file for Silhouette and Cricut .

They are super duper easy to put together by gently folding the five sides up together and gluing/sticking the circular tabs together.  Add the cute crown and bow if you like and your eggs are ready for some seriously elegant hunting!  They look adorable as part of a table display and can be stuffed with little treats so long as you keep them light (it is made of paper after all)!

Faberge style egg SVG file for Silhouette and Cricut .

Faberge style egg SVG file for Silhouette and Cricut .

Happy Crafting all!



The Monday Project: A Hobbit Hole Tissue Box

Hello my dear Bagginses and Boffins, Tooks and Brandybucks, Grubbs, Chubbs, Hornblowers, Bolgers, Bracegirdles and Proudfoots.  It’s the beginning of allergy season in Bag End and quite frankly no self respecting Hobbit should be without some sort of nose blowing material!  To battle this sneezey time of the year I offer you a limited time SVG free-bee!

DIY: Hobbit Hole Tissue Box SVG

Its fun and easy to make and the pieces are mostly self explanatory.  All the pieces can be cut from 12 x 12 card and you will need 2 sheets for the Hobbit Hole walls, 1 sheet for the roofing and several colors of scrap card for all the embellishments. As usual please do not distribute or sell my files or sell products made from my files.  The file will remain free on this site (at the bottom) for about a month, after which time I will be offering it for sale in my shop at SnapDragon Snipits and Etsy.

1: Once your pieces are cut by hand, Silhouette Cameo (using the full size SVG) or Cricut Design Space (using the 50% SVG expanded to full size) adhere the windows and door to the back of the body of the house, crease the perforations and use double sided tape to stick together the edges.

DIY: Hobbit Hole Tissue Box SVG

2: Place the window frames and door frame on the outside of your hobbit hole windows/door.

DIY: Hobbit Hole Tissue Box SVG

3: compile your tiny window boxes with as much foliage and flowers as you think Samwise Gamgee can manage to keep watered.

DIY: Hobbit Hole Tissue Box SVG

4:Place the bushy foliage with the perforations aligned with the corner of the house.  The join in the front should be covered by the front door step.DIY: Hobbit Hole Tissue Box SVG

5: Once the front, back and sides of your hobbit house are compiled you can put the sides on. I suggest sticking the A frame part together first and then the sides.

DIY: Hobbit Hole Tissue Box SVG

6: The roof is compiled of 5 pieces.  But this photo shows it all in one piece… 5 pieces are much cuter but I ran out of time so just go with it eh? Align them slightly layered like shingles ensuring that the tissue hole lines up. Pop it over your tissue box!

Tissue Hobbit Hole SVG files for Silhouette and Cricut.

I hope you enjoy it!  I’ll be at the Green Dragon if you have any questions.

xx Jo

Organizing My Palette- Yarn Along

Over the last few months my supply felting yarn from the Knit Picks Palette fingering range has grown from a modest 6 balls to a whopping great bag of different shades.  I’m not complaining… its amazingly versatile yarn.  And did I mention it felts… sweet.

A easy idea for a  yarn cataloging system.

But when I last needed a specific shade of fingering yarn (that felts!!!) I placed my order from Knit Picks and when it arrived I realized that:

1: I already had that shade.

2:  I had no idea what other colors I had because I hadn’t saved the paper labels and I had at least three other repeats in my big bag o’ Palette.

So I started my own system for cataloging the yarn I had.  I wish I’d started doing this a year ago because it seriously saves me time.  When I get a ball of yarn I cut off a little 2 inch segment and tape it on the appropriate page of my sketch book.  In this photo is a specific page for Palette yarns because I have enough of that specific yarn to warrant it.  Others just go on a page by yarn weight (lace, fingering, aran, worsted, bulky etc) with a little bit of washi tape.  I write the color and name of the yarn on the tape and if i have more than one ball/skein I can write the number of balls or yardage available.  When I am contemplating a pattern I can flick through my catalog of yarn to see what I have.  And then when I run out of the yarn I can easily pull the washi and snipping of yarn out leaving a space for another ball.  Its not a perfect system but it works for me… and maybe you?

My reading has been a little slap-dash, squeezed into nooks and crannies between more physical tasks.  I have been reading (and being read too when M. feels like it) To Speak Well of God by John Pople.  The Bible reading planner we follow takes us through the old testament once and the new testament twice through the year divided into three daily readings so the end of the year always sees us reading Job, Malachi and Revelation before January starts the planner over afresh in Genesis, Psalms and Matthew.  I’m not sure if it is the reflective nature of the time in which I am reading through Job or just the wonderful mysteries to be picked apart in it but Job has always been my favorite book of the Bible to study and it fills my thoughts often in it’s themes of accepting God’s absolute authority.  M’s favorite book is Revelation and he finds that if he starts looking for uses of a symbol in prophecy he almost always finds something useful in Job.  To Speak Well of God is an amazing book and so insightful.  Some bible expositors can get bogged down in sounding too “educated” which sometimes makes the subject more difficult than it needs to be.  Pople’s writing style is intelligent but totally readable and if you have ever read a few chapters in Job and scratched your head or thought of it as just a long catalog of men speaking half truths before you get to God’s somewhat mysterious speech this book is full to brimming with totally bible based answers.

I’m linking up with the lovely Ginny over at Small Things.

Happy Wednesday to you all and I hope you have a wonderful New Year!



The Monday Project: Drink Tea, Create, Sleep, Repeat Wall Art

Happy first Monday of a brand spanking new year.

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

Have you made resolutions?  I stink at resolutions: I am bound to forget it immediately and manage to achieve only the opposite of my intentions by the next new year’s resolutions.  I would be better of making a resolution strictly forbidding the thing I actually want to do like:

“I will absolutely not manage to get my crafting room tidied up this year. “

So instead I have a little sign to hang in my craft room just to remind me of the things I really need to do :

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

This project is really fun to do, cheap and looks pretty awesome when finished! 


Get together:

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

A clip float frame  I found mine for $2.00 at Walmart

Gold Spray Paint  (or silver or whatever color you like) $3.25 – I like Krylon because of the amazing spray nozzle.

Gold Scrapbook Card (or silver or whatever color you like) mine is Recollections and I got it at Michaels $1.49- on sale

Contrasting Scrapbook card: glitter looks cool but is annoying to cut  $1.49- on sale


Pull apart your float frame and spray the little plastic frame edges.

Cut your back ground card (I used gold) to letter size.

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

Now for the fun part!

To cut by hand print the black and white free-bee JPEG from the zip file below (it is in reverse already so you can print it directly onto the back of your contrasting card or onto printer paper.  If you have a Shilouette or Cricut with SVG cutting software this is where you get to show off and cut the free SVG file in no time!  If you just cannot be dealing with the cutting at all there is a color print version too.  As previously: feel free to use and share the free file but please don’t sell anything made from my files without prior permission and please give credit to Sweet Little Wood if you share the files.  Thank you darlings!

Free SVG and Printables for “Drink Tea, Create, Sleep. Repeat” Wall Art

To cut the design by hand I printed onto printer paper and then cut down my contrasting card to letter size.  I lined up the paper and card on my cutting board and taped down the edges of the paper trapping the card between my printed design and the cutting board.  Use a really sharp craft knife (unlike mine!!!) and a ruler for the strait lines to make the process much faster.

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

Once you have cut your design make sure your float frame glass is clean.  I  found out the hard way that Walmart’s frames have a plastic back that scratches super easy… so just be aware of any plastic parts and clean **cautiously**.  You could glue the card pieces together but I rather like the look of the two cards just sandwiched together: some areas gap just a little and create added depth.  A useful trick to get the two sheets of card lined up in the middle of the frame is to place the glass face down a cutting board and use it’s lines to guide placing the card before putting the backing piece on top of the card.  Lining it up by eye was really really unsuccessful for me.

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

Slide on the sides and Bobs your Uncle!

"Drink tea, Create, Sleep Repeat" float frame poster tutorial @ Sweet Little Wood

Drink Tea, Create, Sleep, REPEAT… That is my year planned out! Simple!

I’m linking up with Awsome Things Tuesday and over at Creating My Way to Success.

xx Joanna