The Knitter’s Dilemma- Yarn Along

I am nearly done with my Margaret Dashwood Shawl.  It is going to be delicious.  But now I am planning my next project and I am stuck between two:

Knit Picks, Gloss Fingering in Hawk @ Sweet Little Wood1: I was firmly determined to make Meritance for me from Knit Picks Gloss Fingering in Hawk.  Its just my cardigan.  I wear this style ALL THE TIME but I have never tried to knit an every-day-wear for myself.  All my knits are special wear or specific outfit knits.  For the every day stuff I always go buy cheap cardigans from Target wear them out and throw/donate them when they get too far gone for me.  But…

Berroco Vintage in Curry @ Sweet Little Wood2: I went to Chico and there I found the perfect yarn for a Heliopath Vest which I want to make for a gift. The yarn store (Heartstrings) was delicious! One of the best stocked that I’ve seen since moving to CA and it was really really hard to decide not to buy random stash yarn!  There was Sweet Georgia which I’ve never come across before but was so temptingly yummy.  Sadly it was faaaaaarrrrrrrrr outside my price range! Instead I got Borrocco Vintage in Caramel: it is mostly acrylic which I usually avoid… squeaky yarn… SHUDDER.  It feels very nice though- not squeaky- and it is for a younger girl and summer wear so washing frequently will be an issue.

So now I’m stuck in that delicious dilemma.  I have patterns, needles and yarn for both… which to cast on… hmmm.

I am reading very little at the moment that isn’t quick and done in less than 5 minutes. I’ve been busy and traveling but I have still got Sylvia’s Farm on the back burner and a library copy of Folks This Ain’t Normal in my waiting list.  I’m linking up with Ginny today.

Have a wonderful downward slide to the weekend!

xx Joanna

11 thoughts on “The Knitter’s Dilemma- Yarn Along

  1. I am a bit of a yarn snob and can’t stand acrylic yarn BUT, I have to say, Berroco Vintage is really nice yarn. I’ve knit with it a few times and I have no complaints. The Heliopath is on my to-knit vest so I say cast on for that one!

  2. Both projects are so tempting. It’s so hard to decide!! Sounds like the vest might be a faster knit, so I would go with whether you are in the mood for a faster knit right now or something for the longer haul. Either way, looks like you have some fun knitting ahead of you.

  3. Vintage is a nice yarn – I didn’t find it terribly squeaky either! Hmmm… you certainly have a dilemma. I’m curious to see what you chose.

  4. Lovely colours! I wouldn’t be able to decide and would probably just cast on both and swap between! I always have a few projects going at once. I love Joel Salatin – his books make me laugh out loud (so looking totally crazy!) but they are also scary in a ‘how can people not see this for themselves’ kind of way.

    • This is the first book Ive gotten by Salatin but he does come highly recommended!
      Clearly you are a woman after my own heart: I usually give in to my whims and get annoyed with myself for having too many projects on the go. No self control when it comes to yarn!

  5. Very tricky dilemma indeed. I don’t know why but I’m leaning towards Meritance, it is something I’d wear all the time too. Maybe it’s a nice change of scenery to knit a more everyday item now.

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