Mothering Nerves

I am currently suffering from a great deal of maternal worry-warting!  So the thing is: M. has to go away with work overnight… I hate it when he goes away, he hates it when he goes away.  Our mutual spouse-addiction does not allow for separate quarters… so the plan was we could all go with him.  However the girls don’t want to go as they are in the midst of some serious Spring Break R&R and suddenly we have all these baby rabbits and baby chickens that need daily input.Ice Skating. Snoopy's Home Ice Santa RosaSo for the first time ever we have decided to leave the girls ALONE overnight. It is terrifying!

Ice Skating. Snoopy's Home Ice Santa RosaI have absolutely, ABSOLUTELY no concerns with the capability of my children to look after themselves and be responsible.  But I keep thinking up all these wildly unlikely scenarios which might require adult intervention or a complicated plan so they know how to respond:

1: someone breaks a leg or gets bitten by a snake while out rambling cross the fields and hills! (I actually worry over this one nearly daily as they go off into the blue where no cell phone signal reaches)

2: a wild critter gets into the animal’s hut in the night! (I can’t help it… I worry about this one regularly too)

3: the house catches on fire! (this one is a little more reasonable as our home is heated with wood-burning stoves exclusively but it doesn’t usually worry me)

4: someone breaks down in our driveway and turns out to be a homicidal maniac!

5: Ebola! (OK that one is pretty far fetched)

Ice Skating. Snoopy's Home Ice Santa Rosa

M. keeps trying to talk me into a cheerful state of anticipation for the first child-free get away we have had in two years because he is (annoyingly) an eternal optimist.  What the optimist in him doesn’t know is that the realist (I formally reject the word “pessimist”) in me needs to work through all the worst case scenarios.  I just have to pretend that they could happen, until I know that if the very worst case scenario happens I have confidence in their response.

Once I’ve done that and gotten far enough away from the house to warrant calling them every couple of hours I will be fine knowing that if a coyote attacks the chickens and one of the children breaks a leg chasing it off so they have to flag down a passing car that is driven by a homicidal maniac who sets our house on fire before he dies of Ebola: we got that covered!

Ice Skating. Snoopy's Home Ice Santa Rosa

Phew, got that off my chest!



3 thoughts on “Mothering Nerves

  1. Donna, from Knit1spin2, sent me your way and I’m glad she did, you have a lovely space here.
    I hope you are having a nice time away and not worrying too much about your babies at home,
    although I know that is a hard thing not to do. Just so you know, it does get easier, promise.

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