Bunny Watch: Champagne’s Kittens

4 day old kits, Champagne , New Zealand doe, litter #1Sunday night/ Monday morning Champagne had her litter.  The clever girl had 8 largish kittens all in her box and all alive and well. We thought she was done but 24 hours later I went out to check the kits and found a dead one about twice the size of the others on top of her nesting materials.  This is a pretty common thing when a doe has bigger kits. They can get stuck and then they die in the birth canal.  Sometimes a dead kit can kill a doe if she never manages to birth it. I think Champagne is in the clear now as she is feeding the kittens and eating and drinking happily.

1 day old bunny, Champagne , New Zealand doe, litter #1

I have managed to misplace my camera-computer port link (it does sometimes get hijacked by K. so I am not entirely certain I misplaced it but it does seem likely I’m the culprit) so there are no photos with this post… but I will add them in when I find the port!  My port finally showed up… I was totally the culprit who didn’t put it away properly.  🙂

Newborn kittens are hairless, soft as suede and their eyes are closed.  They look kind of like little tiny Bull Terriers!  Champagne’s litter is a mix of black and broken (black and white spotted).  When you pick them up they squeak and nudge your fingers looking for milk and if they just want to be somewhere warmer and quieter they dig with their tiny little soft claws against your fingers trying to get covered again… so adorable!

4 day old bunny, Champagne , New Zealand doe, litter #1

There is an old wives tale that you should never handle kittens when they are young because the doe will reject them.  Any rabbit breeder will tell you differently.  You MUST handle your kits even if just to check they are all alive and not rotting in the nest passing on infections etc.  If  you have handled your doe enough she should be rather disinterested in you handling the kits.  Champagne is interested enough to sniff around where the nest should be when we take it out every day to check on the bunnies but she is totally laid back about our handling the kits.

4 day old kit, Champagne , New Zealand doe, litter #1

I sincerely don’t know where this week has gone but I wish it would come back so I could get more jobs done!  For now… I’ve gotta get myself back to doing all the millions of things that need done around an old farmhouse.

Take care my lovelies. xx


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