Mommy And Daughter Knit Along- Yarn Along

Margaret Dashwood Shawl @ Sweet Little WoodBeing a Bear of Very Little Attention Span I am officially bored with the green knitted thing which I am having to tell constant half-truths about to hide its true destination. Uggg… too much subterfuge.  I might just come out with it and tell her soon and put myself out of my misery.

So naturally in my boredom I cast on three different projects. None of them were in my Ravelry queue.  I cannot seem to stop myself from doing this… even as I am looping on a foundation row I’m thinking “STOP IT!  Just get on with something else!”  So I have frogged two of them because I realized they were poorly thought out and likely to end in disaster but I have kept on my needles Margaret Dashwood Shawl from The Best Of Jane Austen Knits.  Partially because I am so in love with knitting it but mostly because of this:

Jessica's Margaret Dashwood Shawl @ Sweet Little Wood

J. has be knitting simple scarf shapes for dolls etc intermittently for awhile but she recently got a taste for designing by making something special for K.’s upcoming 16th birthday.  She really wanted to try a real pattern and I happened to have the Margaret Dashwood Shawl pattern photocopied already.  She has been working so dedicatedly she was nearly caught up with me on her first day.  Sadly for her I knit all day while she goes to school so I have outstripped her by far.  But we are knitting (at different paces) this shawl together.

Jessica's Margaret Dashwood Shawl @ Sweet Little Wood

That’s my girl!

Yesterday morning- like any normal Tuesday- was a school morning with all the alarm clocks and blurry bed heads normally involved with a Tuesday morning.  But we all slept through our alarms!  5 people all fast asleep when the bus left and work started and the home-school tutor was on his computer wondering where his students were!  K. and E. got up and got to work but M. J. and I decided to treat it like a windfall and had a wonderful lay in bed and knit morning.  That is to say: J. and I worked on our Margaret Dashwood Shawl and M. read a Terry Pratchet novel.  Our only excuse was Daylight Saving Time Sleep Defficiency (I made that up but we all know it should be diagnose-able).   It was glorious and so wonderfully relaxing I feel like I can face the rest of my chaotic week now.

Margaret Dashwood Shawl @ Sweet Little Wood

I’m linking up with Jenny over at Small Things for a Yarn Along!



12 thoughts on “Mommy And Daughter Knit Along- Yarn Along

  1. What fun that you are knitting the same pattern together. And a lovely shawl too. I love the Jane Austen Knits magazines. Not that I have knitted anything from them yet, but I have looked through them heaps!! Must have been lovely to have a lazy day – we sure don’t have enough of them.

  2. The photograph of her knitting with the bunny is simply beautiful. What a great spot to sit & knit! I so anticipate this happening for me someday with my youngest…we can knit-along together…my older two just aren’t that into it (maybe it’s me!). xx

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