Even The Chickens Know It

Everything is looking particularly luscious in northern CA.

Spring blossom @ Sweet Little Wood

Plum blossom by the chicken hutch.

It won’t last but for now we are enjoying laying in fresh green grass (without stickers stuck all over our bodies), admiring the flowers dotting the hillsides (before the heat scorches them away) and enjoying the warmth of the sun sinking into our bones (without being boiled in our own juices).  It may not officially be spring, but spring has definitely hit us.  A friend who has lived in the area her whole life has been insisting that this isn’t spring because there are still some frosts to come but what she doesn’t realize is that in England (even on the south coast) we sometimes had frosts in June which would by no means negate the fact that we felt summer had already started! It’s spring in California regardless of the date of the Vernal Equinox.


Even the chickens know it: they started laying eggs this weekend.  Tiny little eggs which they announce by kicking up an almighty ruckus out in the field every single time one of them lays.

First Eggs

A hen's first egg vs full grown  hen's eggs

A hen’s first egg vs full grown hen’s eggs.

We also have the next flush of little hens who are starting to look a little less fluffy as their feathers grow in.  I always think they look a little like punks at this stage with feathers at awkward angles and a bit of a martial glint entering their eye!

2 week old chick @ Sweet Little Wood

I’ve gotten a lot of the early planting done: potatoes are in the ground, as well as peas, onions and garlic.  Soon the herbs will be sprouting up and the process of blanching, chopping and freezing them in cubes will begin so we can enjoy fresh basil, mint and cilantro all year round.

Salad Table @ Sweet Little Wood

Little Gem Romaine lettuce.

M. built a salad table this winter which is so great.  It’s such a simple thing (a box with wire base- raised up to waist level) but makes keeping lettuce and spinach pest free and looked after very easy.  We have a wooden frame over the top for deer netting lest all my work becomes a snack for the local wild life. The best thing about growing lettuce this way is that right now the salad table is in a position to soak in plenty of sun but as the temperatures rise and the lettuce needs a more sheltered position we can move it to the cooler side of the house, extending  the lettuce growing season (hopefully) by about a month.

Salad Table @ Sweet Little Wood

A raised Salad table. Early plantings of lettuce and spinach.

So for all you poor folks still under snow: spring is coming! Fear not!

2 week old chick @ Sweet Little Wood



17 thoughts on “Even The Chickens Know It

  1. I am so envious of your green, your flowers, and your sunshine. It feels like so much winter is left here with all this snow left on the ground! Enjoy these days – they are some of my favorite of the year.

  2. So crazy you can already plant! That salad table is genius. I’m itching to get gardening but, as you said, there’s a lot of snow keeping much of the country firmly in winter’s grasp. Your post gives us hope. Spring will arrive eventually. 🙂

    One of my favorite times of year is when the pullets begin to lay eggs. Those miniature eggs are divine!

  3. Love to see the smiles the eggs and wonderful idea the salad table must try
    Only if it stops cold here- snow again tomorrow
    Luv you

    • I was thinking of you under snow! How do your chickens like it? Every time it rains ours just sit in the hut and look out mournfully, if it snowed they would probably start knitting!

  4. Oh my, a chicken in a teacup? That is the cutest thing ever! We are heading into autumn here in Australia and are just starting to set up our new veggie beds so they can be ready by spring. I love your blog – beautiful!

    • How lovely! Autumn on the other side of the world! I need frequent reminders that the southern hemisphere has different seasons… every single time I’m reminded of it I am surprised again. Early onset Alzheimer’s disease perhaps?

  5. These pictures are gorgeous and truly look like Spring. I think Spring has arrived here as well, it is so sunny and lovely out today. But you never know with March though, we might still have crazy weather this month.

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