Organizing My Palette- Yarn Along

Over the last few months my supply felting yarn from the Knit Picks Palette fingering range has grown from a modest 6 balls to a whopping great bag of different shades.  I’m not complaining… its amazingly versatile yarn.  And did I mention it felts… sweet.

A easy idea for a  yarn cataloging system.

But when I last needed a specific shade of fingering yarn (that felts!!!) I placed my order from Knit Picks and when it arrived I realized that:

1: I already had that shade.

2:  I had no idea what other colors I had because I hadn’t saved the paper labels and I had at least three other repeats in my big bag o’ Palette.

So I started my own system for cataloging the yarn I had.  I wish I’d started doing this a year ago because it seriously saves me time.  When I get a ball of yarn I cut off a little 2 inch segment and tape it on the appropriate page of my sketch book.  In this photo is a specific page for Palette yarns because I have enough of that specific yarn to warrant it.  Others just go on a page by yarn weight (lace, fingering, aran, worsted, bulky etc) with a little bit of washi tape.  I write the color and name of the yarn on the tape and if i have more than one ball/skein I can write the number of balls or yardage available.  When I am contemplating a pattern I can flick through my catalog of yarn to see what I have.  And then when I run out of the yarn I can easily pull the washi and snipping of yarn out leaving a space for another ball.  Its not a perfect system but it works for me… and maybe you?

My reading has been a little slap-dash, squeezed into nooks and crannies between more physical tasks.  I have been reading (and being read too when M. feels like it) To Speak Well of God by John Pople.  The Bible reading planner we follow takes us through the old testament once and the new testament twice through the year divided into three daily readings so the end of the year always sees us reading Job, Malachi and Revelation before January starts the planner over afresh in Genesis, Psalms and Matthew.  I’m not sure if it is the reflective nature of the time in which I am reading through Job or just the wonderful mysteries to be picked apart in it but Job has always been my favorite book of the Bible to study and it fills my thoughts often in it’s themes of accepting God’s absolute authority.  M’s favorite book is Revelation and he finds that if he starts looking for uses of a symbol in prophecy he almost always finds something useful in Job.  To Speak Well of God is an amazing book and so insightful.  Some bible expositors can get bogged down in sounding too “educated” which sometimes makes the subject more difficult than it needs to be.  Pople’s writing style is intelligent but totally readable and if you have ever read a few chapters in Job and scratched your head or thought of it as just a long catalog of men speaking half truths before you get to God’s somewhat mysterious speech this book is full to brimming with totally bible based answers.

I’m linking up with the lovely Ginny over at Small Things.

Happy Wednesday to you all and I hope you have a wonderful New Year!



One thought on “Organizing My Palette- Yarn Along

  1. I have completely ordered the wrong shade of purple from Knit Picks for a project because I threw away the label. And Palette has so many colors, it’s hard to figure out exactly which one is right on the web. I think you have figured out a great solution. I need to get myself organized, too.

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