Gifty- Yarn Along

As with most my crafts… I’ve been making hand made gifts all this week.  Its my passion.  The thing that gives me the most joy.  I guess if I did that 5 Languages of Love  gift giving would be pretty high on my list.  However I have worked myself into a corner with gifts:  I actually don’t enjoy being given thoughtless stuff.  I don’t like to receive stuff- any old stuff-  I like gifts that mean something to me or to the giver.  I would rather get a thoughtful heartfelt card than a diamond ring (except from you M.- don’t you get any funny ideas- you still have to buy me a diamond ring AND give me a heartfelt card).  I ‘recon there are probably others out there like me who feel cold opening a gift picked up in a rush or panic with no real thought put in.  Seriously if the cosmic forces ever bring the moment where (strangely) you feel its necessary to get me a gift  and it comes to buying something in a rush: don’t bother.

So on my finished list this week:

  1. The delicious but tedious Ombre Cowl for my mother-in-law’s birthdayOmbre Cowl

  2. A set of 5 travel needle tidys (again for my mother-in-law)Felted Needle Cozies: MIL Gift @ Sweet Little Wood

  3. 9 Gnome Home Pens from a Tiny Owl Knits Pattern for my little Hobbit/Hogwarts loving girlsGnome Home by Tiny Owl Knits Adapted for BIC pens @ Sweet Little Wood

Two seconds after the Gnome Home Pens were officially theirs they started customizing them!

Gnome Home Pens @ Sweet Little Wood

 Twisted beards are so last season… all the fashionable gnomes are wearing braids you know.

Gnome Home Pens @ Sweet Little Wood

 Some times a gnome’s eye sight needs a little help in the darkened corners of the burrow! (my personal favorite!!)

Gnome Home Pens @ Sweet Little Wood

And for those long walks through winding caverns when you head home from a night at the pub… head lanterns…

There are utility belts and tiny leather satchels in the dreaming.

I’m still slogging through S but I have had no time this week even to pick it up as my in laws have been visiting … longing to finish it now.

I’m linking up with Ginny again this lovely raining Wednesday.

xx Jo


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