New Designs in Snapdragon Shop

Hello precious friends!  I hope your Thanksgiving was beautiful!  Such a wonderful holiday but I am now wondering if its better to just scarf down all that pie really fast so it is out of sight and no longer taunting me with it’s cinnamon goodness or to meter it out and eat sensible portions… I never have been good at pie rationing.

I’ve got some new designs going up over at Snapdragon Snippets: great paper-crafting SVG shop with Wintry Christmassy yumminess!

SweetLittleWood.yarnandneedles-1.1 SweetLittleWood.vintagebaubles-1.1 SweetLittleWood.snowglobe-1.1

These designs will also be available through my Etsy store soon!

xx Joanna

2 thoughts on “New Designs in Snapdragon Shop

  1. I love your shop! I don’t know why I didn’t realize you had a shop until now. I always love your blog banner graphics & thing–wow, she is talented. Did you draw a lot as a child (in the traditional sense) and then transition to digital art?

    • Thank you! And yes I did draw- A LOT. It turns out that digital and 3-D visualizations was just something I’m good at… and I love it. It really is a case of doing what I love and making a little money off it.

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