Secret Knitting Yarn Along

I’m linking up with Ginny over at Small Things for a Yarn Along.

Amanda continues as I pick her up whenever I have time but most of my knitting has been taken up by a SECRET PROJECT… no no no not THAT secret project. This is a different secret project and it has to do with tiny owls.  Tiny knitting owls.

Secret Knitting Project Yarn Along @ Sweet Little Wood

I have joined in with Tiny Owl Knits on Ravelry  for TOKmas– a sweet gift exchange with a little woodlandy-fairytale flavor.  My favorite flavor.  So my secret friend… I am feverishly finishing you some little somethings to make you smile!  In fact I thought I had done with the knitting part but I have had to come back to it.  But as you can see- I have a fire and a basket of wool so all is right with the world.

Secret Knitting Project Yarn Along @ Sweet Little Wood

I haven’t managed to pick up a book that has held my attention this week but I am trying to work my way through The Museum of Extraordinary Things.  Which is lovely.  Very vivid storytelling with a gentle melodic feel.  The problem is when I am very interested in my knitting projects I have less time to hold a book in my hands…  Instead I am just enjoying the way a bundle of gnomish hats look!

Secret Knitting Project Yarn Along @ Sweet Little Wood



21 thoughts on “Secret Knitting Yarn Along

  1. Oh my, this sounds like so much fun!!! I can’t wait to see what you made once the exchange is over. I love all the colors you are using – looks like some cozy, fun knitting.

  2. ooooh so inspiring! love all the yarns you are using! can’t wait to see more about this top secret project 😉 Too bad I’m late to join!
    There will be some happy gnomes and faeries 😉

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