Finally M’s Beau is Done Yarn Along

I’m linking up with Ginny over at Small Things for a Wednesday Yarn Along.

M's Beau Vest. Yarn Along @ Sweet Little Wood

Beau is done but he looks very different to what I expected!  I got M. to try it on before I sewed on the sleeves just to check I got the body length adjustment right and M decided right then he didn’t want sleeves- he wanted it left just as it was.  Probably with raw knit edges and all!  He runs hot basically all the time… if I get cold I know exactly where to go to warm up so leaving the sleeves off seemed to him the perfect solution to his” jumper-on-jumper-off-jumper-on” problem!

M's Beau Vest. Yarn Along @ Sweet Little Wood

Naturally my knitting pride wouldn’t allow the raw edge so I picked up and ribbed an even number of stitches around the arms for about four rows.  The buttons are vintage.  About four years ago I had the most amazing find of a HUGE box of vintage buttons which have been providing me with all my button needs since.  I even got rid of half of them when we moved across the pond because I couldn’t ship them all.

He loves it. LOVES IT!  He has been wearing with his pajamas he loves it so much… so for all that work and bother… it was worth it just to see him love the end project.

I live for that.

M's Beau Vest. Yarn Along @ Sweet Little Wood

M's Beau Vest. Yarn Along @ Sweet Little Wood

That man… I adore him!

I’ve been reading a digital library copy of  The Daring Ladies of Lowell  by Kate Alcott.  I am enjoying it so much!  Its the tale of the mill girls in Lowell Massachusetts and one girl who crosses the lines between mill owner and labourer.  It rather reminds me of a spiced up inversion of Gaskell’s North and South. Love it much!

Happy Wednesday to you my friends and may the stitch count be always in your favor.



29 thoughts on “Finally M’s Beau is Done Yarn Along

  1. It’s wonderful. I think vests are such a good idea! I put the madtosh colors I was using on my project on my blog. Just click the link to go to my ravelry page.

  2. Nothing feels better than a well loved knitted gift! It looks great on him. And I love the buttons you chose. My hubby would probably like it better without the sleeves as well.

  3. Wow that’s pretty cool, I love it. You are so clever to be able to do that, I wouldn’t know where to start.
    And those buttons! I love buttons (who doesn’t right?) .

  4. So nice – the jumper and your post! How great he loves it so much PLUS doesn’t want sleeves! How lucky you let him try it on BEFORE knitting sleeves… 😉
    I’m still smiling!
    Lena x

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