Amanda is Slow Growing: Yarn Along

Hello dear ones. I am linking up for a yarn along with Ginny over at Small Things.

Everything has been busy here.  It all has to do with my secret and a lovely collaboration that is growing up slowly and often needs my attention.  Because of all this Amanda has been creeping very slowly along my needles.  It is lovely  to pick up something at the end of a hectic day to relax with; unfortunately my evenings have been rather too busy and me rather too unrelaxed!  I am a quiet girl and  an introvert so this craziness does not suit me.

Yarn Along @Sweet Little Wood

Similarly finding time to read has been challenging but I am slowly picking my way through a digital copy of  12 Years A Slave.  It is a fantastically written book.  Northrop’s narrative is exquisitely worded but also extremely painful to read.  I generally do not enjoy biography- sadly I get bored- but this has captured me.  I simply have not had time to focus and sit with it.

Would someone go ahead and invent a time machine already?!?! I would like more time in the day.

xx Joanna

5 thoughts on “Amanda is Slow Growing: Yarn Along

  1. If only sleep was optional. I swear I could get so much done in those 6 hours! I saw 12 Years a Slave and that was painful to watch. I imagine the book even more so.

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