The Monday Project: Making Autumn Fall

Well darlings the autumn is softly creeping into The Sweet Little Wood.

Leaves and rain @ Sweet Little Wood

I love autumn.  Like so many of us: it is my favorite season.  There is so much magic in the darkness of the morning- not on school days when it would certainly be more convenient to be woken with light- but at the weekends when you wake and the light is still low, it’s cold enough to keep wrapped up in the duvet and a hot cup of tea in bed feels like utter luxury. What I adore the most about autumn is the cinnamon scent of fallen leaves and the rustle of stepping through them.  I can’t help but want to hurry the leaves along: it feels like fall but here we sit waiting for fall to… er … fall.

We always get leaves in the spring a few weeks later than the dryer, hotter valley over the hill.  We also start to go to ocher and rust a few weeks after them too so here our trees are still resolutely green.  The days are still reaching the 90’s but they feel cooler with the lower angle of the sun and brisk sea breezes.  Positively cold temperatures are settling in to the evenings and waking us in the morning with a nip.  My daily routine has changed with the seasons:  now I don’t have to worry so much about over-heating the house my mornings are filled with bread making and dinners are being planned for roasting in the oven.

Fall Leaf Collection Bunting @ Sweet Little Wood

Yay for bunting!

In order to satisfy my crafting lust and my yen for fall I have been decorating with my favorite thing: BUNTING!  Americans don’t seem to use bunting as much as the British do.  I find it completely charming; I would hang it on every strait line if it didn’t collect so much dust!  So this week I have been pinning up strings of paper leaves (I just staple the leaves to the string so they slide into the right place… very little actual work involved!)  and adorable acorn bells all tied up with raffia.  Its is totally comforting. The adorable little bells are from Michael’s.  They are so sweet I want to add them to every thing in my house!  I wonder if I would look too eccentric with them on the toes of my shoes..

Fall Leaf Collection Bunting @ Sweet Little Wood

The leaves are from my Autumn Leaf Collection SVG I cut on a Silhouette Cameo.  The SVG is available on my ETSY shop and soon in a NEW LOCATION!! There have been secrets being kept in the dark recesses of the forest where quiet conversations stay private…  but more on that very soon.

Fall Leaf Collection Bunting @ Sweet Little Wood Now all my doorways are festooned I can get on with the real business of  making cookies and hot chocolate to have while I watch my favorite fall film: Practical Magic !

xx Jo

5 thoughts on “The Monday Project: Making Autumn Fall

  1. I love your buntings. So cheerful and sweet. And if you need some cooler temperatures (say like the 50s) and some wonderful shows of changing colors, come visit me for a day and we’ll enjoy some spiced cider and cloudy days. 🙂

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  3. Exciting! Can’t wait to see what you’re working on secretly. I love buntings, too. I received a kit for a knit mantle bunting last winter…I should dig that out. I love your airy, light kitchen!

    • Thank you but don’t be fooled by nice photography! Our kitchen is about 50 years old and very brown! Its redeeming features are natural light and a light colored floor! Someday I will show it in all it’s ugliness!

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