Brought to You by the Letters I, O, and U

Today the Sweet Little Wood was a little sweeter and it all started last week when my car started making a  very quiet noise like riding on an rumble strip as we approached  the yellow farmhouse we call home.  I thought- “Better get that checked.”  The next day I had work to do at home and no need to drive except for dropping off and picking up the girlies from the bus stop. Not a problem! At the morning drop off the car went “rumbly rumbly quietly there and back.  Afternoon pick up the car went “rumbly rumbly quietly, PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT.”

Chocolate Chip Cookies @ The Sweet Little Wood

Fortunately the PFFFF… bit happened just as I arrived at the turn out where the bus stops because being broken down on this road is probably the most dangerous thing I can think of: think Lombard Street in San Francisco with blind corners and cars going 45 miles per hour and you will understand.  Terrifying.

The bus stops about 2 miles from our house and JUST where cell phone reception begins.  So I thought “AAA!”  Well… yes this story goes on… my AAA card was in my wallet at home and I am one of those females that has never changed a tire.  Don’t despise me!  I have never ever had a flat tire when M. was not with me!  So I’ve never even had the chance!  Our bus driver didn’t have the number either but he did have and empty bus and a generous disposition and he CHANGED MY TIRE in 93 degree heat!   AND he was patient enough to teach me how to do it!

Super Cookie @ Sweet Little Wood

Totally saved the day!

So today’s cookies are brought to you by the letters I, O, U and a particularly kind bus driver.

Chocolate Chip Cookies @ The Sweet Little Wood

I use the recipe from that Betty Crocker Cookbook pictured (a wedding present 17 years ago)  which is almost the same as the recipe  over here but without the vanilla.  I add 1/4 cup  extra flour (I like my cookies a little chunky looking not flat) and leave out the nuts.  I cook them at 350 F  rather than 375 for 10 minutes and take them out immediately- no waiting to see them look more done!  They will look a little too moist and not quite done when you take them out but they set to a perfect soft cookie texture after a few minutes cooling and stay soft forever:  I don’t like crunchy cookies.

I hope he likes chocolate because there are another three trays in the oven!!



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