Cabled Joy Yarn Along

Oh my. Autumn really is coming!

There have been a few small rains here and tiny little sprouts of green are emerging from our parched earth.  My three does are in goat paradise finding and demolishing the tiny slivers of green goodness; except when it rains when they stand at the fence (rather than under the shelter M. built them where their dry alfalfa is) and bleat pathetically till I take them back to the barn where they happily demolish the same alfalfa they wouldn’t touch in the field.  **Sigh**   Stupid goats.

This last week I haven’t managed to finish M’s second Beau.  All the repairs went well with only a few “Oh heck that was supposed to be the opposite way!” moments but I just haven’t gotten to the last edge… soon!    He would have worn it before I did the rescue work… the man really does not have any sense of style.

So I moved back onto Amanda which has the back finished and this is the left front just started. This picture pretty much sums up my week… busy.  Too busy and I’m going a little bit nuts with all I need to finish in too short a time but it is all bits-and-pieces work so I can get in half a row between my busy working.

Amanda Yarn Along @ Sweet Little Wood

But about Amanda: I love to knit cables. L-O-V-E to knit cables!! They are so  so much fun but I often find the result is too bulky.  Not Amanda.  She is practically perfect in every way with a honeycomb pattern at the sides which I have to stop occasionally to sink my fingers into.  The only thing is: I rarely wear cables so I dunno if I’m likely to like Amanda finished but she is just so darn fun to knit!

Reading I have done… None. Unless you include my new copy of Mollie Makes… that’s reading right?

I’m all linked up with Ginny today- have a lovely and happy hump day!

xx Jo

6 thoughts on “Cabled Joy Yarn Along

  1. That is a beautiful pattern which I’m sure you’ll knit into a beautiful sweater. And maybe you’ll find in winter, having some squishy cables to snuggle with is just what you want! I always worry that texture in my knitting will look bulky on me, too (I’m teeny and feel easily swallowed by things), but so far, it hasn’t turned out that way. Maybe you’ll be surprised! Happy knitting.

    • Oh see- I have the opposite problem! I need no EXTRA bulking! I always admire tiny girls in thick layers- they don’t have to worry about looking like big bird on a daily basis! Thank you for coming by!

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