The Monday Project: A Fairytale Doll Gift

Once upon a time there was a princess.  She had shining golden hair.  This princess was- due to circumstances beyond her control- trapped in the life of a simple servant to a king far away from her old life of luxury.

The goose girl doll @ Sweet Little Wood

The princess was good and sweet and kind to her charges: a whole gaggle of geese! But she would often sleep under a tree while her charges wandered free on the king’s land and dream of what would be when she was princess again.


The goose girl doll @ Sweet Little Wood

Sometimes she tells stories to her geese.

The goose girl doll @ Sweet Little Wood

Fairytales mostly.  Of course her little geese hear one story more often than any other… for she had a favorite fairytale!  But then: don’t we all?

The goose girl doll @ Sweet Little Wood


This weekend we had the fun of going to see one of my nieces (we will call her B.) in Nevada.  She has the most adorable little girl who was celebrating her 2nd birthday and we were invited (oh happy joy!).  Of all my nieces B. is the most like me in temperament.  She is a little quieter, and little more introspective which suits me just perfectly.  I truly love having conversations with her now as an adult but as a child she was so adorable to talk to!  She had numerous imaginary friends and would ask the most astonishingly strange questions!

The goose girl doll @ Sweet Little Wood

But what to give a two year old that she wont grow out of within a year? So I turned to an old favorite: Tilda.  I am totally unashamed to admit I am a little addicted to Tilda.  Tone Finnanger is hands down my favorite designer (sorry Cath Kidston– you come a close second).  So when I want something sweet and lovely for a little girl I look no further than my adored collection of Tilda books… however they were not on my book shelf!  They were not in my craft room!  They were not by my bed!   They had not been buried under and avalanche of yarn or fabric!  Finally in despair I asked my girls when they got home from school if they had seen my collection.  Guess who:  J. had taken them all (and my sewing machine) upstairs and was hording them.  They were on her book shelf!   They are all back safely in my cabinet but I still feel a little like growling territoriality when she comes near it!

This beautiful girl is from Sew Pretty Homestyle  but her dress is from Tilda’s Fairytale Wonderland.  She became The Goose Girl only because it is one of K.’s favorite fairytales despite the beheaded horse that talks to her after it is dead… that is a little creepy.  The little goose I made up myself on the fly.

The only thing I have really changed is the hair… I just don’t like the way Tilda does doll hair.  Instead I use embroidery floss- the thick kind by DMC that doesn’t split.  It probably has a name…  I used 8 skeins in total in three different shades, knitted it up on the finest needles I had (2.25 mm) in garter stitch and wet ironed the knit fabric.  When it is dry and unraveled all these pretty curls appear!  Its pretty time consuming but I think you will agree- worth it.

The goose girl doll @ Sweet Little Wood

Happy Monday and may your fairy-tale come true.



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