Oh Beau! Yarn Along

I’m linking up with Ginny over at Small things for a Yarn Along!

Beau.  Beau is too long.  The reason is this…

Natalie Dee. gauge swatch

So I’ve been on a rescue mission all week.  The problem is I am soooooo over M’s second Beau.  Bored Now.

Any how I have been following THIS lady’s excellent tutorial for fixing a sweater from THIS tutorial and THIS tutorial.  In fact before this week I didn’t even think it could be done without much heartache and tears.  Its not for the faint hearted but it is totally do-able and less likely to result in me just throwing the jumper into a heap and forgetting it than… say… pulling out 1/2 of each piece and re knitting the whole darn thing.

So Beau… This is poor Beau:

Yarn Along, knitting rescue. Sweet Little Wood

He  could have been finished already but I have had a lot of gifts to make this week.  Beau will rally and come about but for now he is in more pieces than ever before.

Yarn Along, knitting rescue. Sweet Little Wood

This sleeve has been finished and has been “rescued” in two places.  Because my knitting is kinda uneven anyhow the fix is ALMOST invisible… nice.

Yarn Along, knitting rescue. Sweet Little Wood

I also haven’t had a lot of reading time.  I’ve been slowly working my way through a library copy of The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott (in digital format).  And that is only because I am waiting for a library copy of The Daring Ladies of Lowell to become available.  Its a good book; well written and intriguing to follow an ambitious girl through the historical setting when women’s roles were changing so dramatically.  It was a time when a girl with nothing could have ambitions to rise above her birth.  Any century before the twentieth it would have been difficult for any person to change their class and station but for a woman… impossible!  Not a lighthearted read nor thrilling but very enjoyable all the same.

Last night J. had stolen M’s 1st Beau and was snugged down in the golden throne when E. pops over for a cuddle to try to bribe me to make her a Beau… I have this sinking feeling that there will be more Beau to come.

Happy knitting all.  I am a reformed fool-hearty gauge nay-sayer.

xx Jo

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