M.’s Beau Yarn Along

I’m linking up with Ginny over at Small Things Yarn Along to share M.’s second Beau.

The weather has been so wonderful in the Sweet Little Wood.  The heat of summer has gentled into a comfortable soothing warmth and the sunlight slants just right so that the light gets filtered through the leaves in a glorious manner.  We have been able to be outside nearly constantly since it rained last week.

M. second Beau. Yarn Along: Sweet Little Wood

I have as usual managed to get too many projects going all at once so I decided to knuckle down and pick up the one closest to being done which happens to be a sweater I started for M. over a year ago.  I had some lovely wool in a tweedy brown and I made the mistake of asking M. what sweater he would like made with it:  M. is a man of habit and a little obstinate when faced with too many choices.  He has one favorite jumper- a green version of Beau by Kim Hargreaves which can be found in Rowan Vintage Knits.  It’s a fabulous design, very easily knitted and fits M. like a dream so naturally faced with a few choices which all looked different to Beau, all he wanted was another Beau.  Anyhow- I started it, got half way through the second sleeve and stopped when I hurt my back .  Finally. FINALLY I have picked it up again, finished the final sleeve, blocked the pieces and now I am knitting the collar. So it is almost here and just in time for Autumn.

M. second Beau. Yarn Along: Sweet Little Wood

M.’s photography

I have been reading The Birth Order Book by Kevin Leman.  I enjoy anthropological studies and social studies books but this one is just not scratching my itch for information.  Mr. Leman is so flippant and relies heavily on anecdotal evidence I just cant find it in me to give him credit as a professional.  Ironically this attitude of mine is so identifiable as my birth order characteristics and the writing style of his birth order characteristics that I think the information MUST be true but I would like a more scientific approach please!  E. is also reading this book at the moment so it is very easy reading pretty much from 13 and upwards.

M. second Beau. Yarn Along: Sweet Little WoodM. second Beau. Yarn Along: Sweet Little WoodM. second Beau. Yarn Along: Sweet Little Wood


Have a wonderful day my friends and fellow yarn addicts.

xx Joanna


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