Eyeballs for Toothless

So my friends have you seen the Dragons in the Sweet Little Wood? There… by the lake sunning themselves and admiring the shining of their scales in the water. They are mostly friendly. Though I would be careful of the green one named Esme- she is having a bad day and hasn’t taken a liking to the little black usurper that has entered her territory!  All the bunting is still dangling from the trees and I continue to find little remnants of the celebration in the long grass but we are simply remembering with pleasure all the bounty of family and friendship because of birthdays in the wood this last few weeks!

Sweet Little Wood. Toothless and Esme, Crochet gift handmade

 I want to show you a little detail on the cute squishy dragon sat on the GOLDEN THRONE: the birthday girls always get to sit in the GOLDEN THRONE on their special day! Every other day of the year its just a big yellow chair but on special days it transforms overnight into a cornucopia of gifts and pride of place!

Sweet Little Wood Crochet Toothless gift

I’m not sure what possessed me but a week before J.’s birthday (I think it was Tuesday the 2nd) I got this idea I could make a Toothless dragon for J.’s birthday on the 10th.  She loves the books and the second movie has been something of an obsession for some time.   Having been possessed of the idea I could not let it go and I found a cute design on Ravelry and added it to my library but I cannot get the file to open… still.  So in my fevered count down to the day I decided to buy a pattern instead and found This One over on Etsy.  Yeek! I am not a slow crocheter but it was already a busy sort of week and the pressure to get it done was gnawing at me!!

I worked as often as possible on him all week and had to announce my intention to continue working on the “Ninja Suit” as a distraction from the dragon forming in my hands.  In the end he really stole the show. J. adores him and has not spent a day not playing with him since he arrived. BTW: isn’t it lovely when a kid who seems like they might be little to old for toys continues to play.  Its a beautiful thing.

Sweet Little Wood. Crochet Toothless toy gift

It really is cute: the pattern itself is pretty good and the finished product is very professional looking.  The pattern is in English and Czech however the English is clearly translated by Google or someone who has no clue about the functioning of the English language.  In general it was totally OK however where the instructions veer away from pure pattern speak (2sc, 1ss, 3hdc etc etc) the language barrier breaks down and the pattern dissolves into an unclear photography tutorial and confused instructions.  I got there eventually but had to change a few things en-route just because I didn’t have a bloomin’ clue what the pattern was saying…  and the photos (crochet in black yarn is hard enough to see stitch detail in person!) were not very big, well lit, or detailed. So all in all- yes I’d would buy the pattern again (the final thing is gorgeous) but I would like to be more prepared for the moments when head-scratching confusion ensues!!

I used a black cotton worsted yarn of some in-determinant origins but it was inexpensive and on sale ages ago and I had to use a 3.5 mm hook rather than 4 mm like the pattern calls for.  Having finished the crochet I had a sudden sinking feeling because Toothless has very distinctive green eyes.  I thought it was hopeless! None of our craft stores are great and they had nothing suitable: there was no way I was going to be able to order the right eyes in time for the gift giving on Wednesday. I won’t bore you with my stupid mistakes and failed attempts using felt and crochet- which were all appalling BTW and resulted in much grumpiness with myself.  BUT as I was going through my buttons I suddenly had a wonderful idea- why couldn’t I try to make his eyes myself by painting on buttons?

LOOK! It totally worked!

Sweet Little Wood. Crochet Toothless toy gift making toy eyes

I used simple green buttons with posts- not holes.  Using black acrylic paint I painted on the almond shape of Toothless’ pupils and made them wide like they are when he is happy!  Then I used two layers of Aleene’s Jewelry Gel which is an awesome clear liquid that dries into a thick glossy varnish which I have used for so many things it was never intended for it might be my favorite craft ingredient!  I thought afterward I could probably have draw on the buttons with black sharpie rather than paint and make them even easier.

Sweet Little Wood. Crochet Toothless toy gift

Have a lovey day my friends… I am just going to move Toothless off the GOLDEN THRONE before Esme’s envy gets the better of her.

Oh! Its Okay: she found some gold ribbon, that will help.

Sweet Little Wood. Green Dragon Esme



Uh oh!


Joanna the dragon tamer

4 thoughts on “Eyeballs for Toothless

  1. I was trying figure out what could make for them and send a special item for them I think Dragon with one egg….place gift card in egg be cool…Thanks for wonderful ideas….

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