Weekend Plans: August 29th – 31st

1: My oldest niece is expecting her 3rd baby and I have got to get this present done because I have this midwife 6th sense that there will be no waiting till her due date at the end of the month.


2: K. is having a good friend over to start the school year off fun- and making sure things look pretty for her!

Saucily named flowers.

Saucily named flowers.

3: Not technically still the weekend but… I gotta go socialize with some ice-cream on Labor Day.  Its a big annual event in the Yorkville Socialite Club (which I am the most likely member to be asked not to attend) and I don’t want to bee seen to be snubbing the ice-cream.


I will try to get photos up on my FB page from the Ice Cream Social because watching my husband and children eat ice-cream is like watching feeding time at the zoo… when the tigers get into the antelope enclosure.  Everyone hunched protectively over their portion guarding its sticky deliciousness: eating as fast as possible (in case there are seconds and the slowest eater misses out on more)!  Its disgusting to behold and I think it might be time to shame them.



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