The Yarn-Bombed Road

On our journeys we camped a little more than half the nights: about a week of our trip was spent in family’s guest rooms or hotels. We only camped one place for more than one night (Yellowstone).

Yellowstone: evening campfire.

Yellowstone: evening campfire.

In all our stopping and moving on we were always arriving late and packing up camp early in fly through rests. We only had room for our small tent which is a Cath Kidston Cowboy patterned tee-pee tent that goes up in three minutes (I timed it- it actually takes longer to blow up our air mattresses).  Sadly the tent we have isn’t made anymore. It is awesome but has reached the age (maybe 8 years) where it leaks and I hand’t anticipated the amazing thunderstorms that cross the high plains of South Dakota, and Wyoming.  Fortunately in Tennessee we slept in my sister’s home because it rained… a lot.  We would have been very  exceedingly wet otherwise.

The late night set up. South Dakota.

The late night set up. South Dakota.

Due to the fleeting nature of the stops I felt compelled to leave a mark.  I’m not a person who will carve on trees or litter the country, but I wanted to leave a small something that may be overlooked till the next visitor stops and gets to smile.

I yarn bombed the road.

Kingman, AZ: KOA.

Kingman, AZ: KOA.


Sheridan, WY: KOA.

Yellowstone: The Continental Divide.

Yellowstone: The Continental Divide.

I made up a simple flower- all sorts of designs are available for free but I just made it up on the hoof. Each flower took less than two minutes to make and I did them as we traveled (less time than it takes to put up our tent… I timed it).  I planted about 12 flowers.

It was fun and if you find yourself looking at a little crochet flower stuck to a random bush somewhere: maybe its mine!



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