The Travelling Got Ahead of Me

 Hello my darlings!

I apologize for my long absence.  I had so many things I wanted to show you but the road got ahead of me and the internet behind.   We had a marvelous time travelling the USA.  There were so many wonders, so many fascinating objects and places and the loving hugs of so many of my most beloved friends that I couldn’t begin to imagine how I could share it all with you.  I tried to record the fun and write some tutorials; I took millions of photos and tried but failed to get time with wi-fi.  Then I thought… oh well just sit back and enjoy the ride!

M.'s favorite stop.

M.’s favorite stop.

So… I do apologize but I’m not particularly sorry.

I did want to show you what a smashing success the simple travel scrapbooks were!  Periodically from the back seat would come the request for the little polka-dotted blue bag.  On very special days when recording the wonders of the road got so exciting one of the younger girls would burst out with an exclamation “I love my scrapbook! Thank you Mommy!”   I probably don’t need to say what that means to me or what a relief it was to have landed on the one thing that would keep an energetic 10 year old entertained for HOURS on end.

Hard at work.

Hard at work.

By hours on end I really do mean HOURS and HOURS on end.  Our longest day travelling took 15 hours driving time; most every other day took somewhere between 7 and 12 hours of driving.  We drove every single day of the 20 days we were away and the longest we stayed in one place was three nights.  So yes we had a fantastic time but NO it is not ever happening again.

Adventures in Yellowstone.

Adventures in Yellowstone.

 Over the course of the trip we traveled more than 6000 miles, crossed through 18 states and ate at least 30 meals which seemed to be made exclusively from high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated vegetable fat and air.  I have never been more indifferent to food than I was faced with another interstate pit-stop food decision to be made after a week and a half of travelling.  I thought about taking pictures of the menu example and what actually got served to us just to share with you the con that fast food places pull on the hungry masses too rushed to go home and make real food!  M. and I feel that if we ever see another sickly millimeter thin burger bathed in an indefinable sauce in our life it will be too soon.  Yay for fresh vegetables and time to savor!

Camp Cooking.

Camp Cooking.



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