The Monday Project: Simple Travel Scrapbook

Happy Monday beautiful people!

We are road tripping in the Sweet Little Wood.  The squirrel, hedgehog and unicorn (its an eclectic place) have all climbed in and buckled up for an epic drive over three weeks, 5000 miles, and through 17 states!   We will get to hug  almost all our most beloved people!  We get to revel in the sight of new skies above us and treasure the feel new ground beneath us.  I am giddy with excitement!

We have had to think up ways to stop the squirrel from aggravating the unicorn with her big fluffy twitchy tail. Also we need to prevent the hedgehog’s adorable little prickles from irritating the squirrel’s little arms. Also (but don’t tell her I said it) the unicorn has a bit of a short temper when she gets bored so- you know- we need some distraction there for sure! 

So there is this: A Simple Travel Scrapbook

Simple Travel Scrapbook

Simple Travel Scrapbook

Its a little (easy to store) place to sketch, glue and wreck with all the wonders we will see while on the road.  Squirrel is already planning to glue some Grizzly Bear hair into her scrapbook when we get to Yellowstone on the way back to California.

To make this book I used :

 light weight chipboard (single pieces in Michael’s),  craft card, linen paper, gold polka paper, and clear acetate (my personal favorite), old bronze color brads.

Sadly I made our books 8in x 8in but if I had been smart (and I certainly will be next time) I would have made them 6in x 6in and made a lot less scrap card and paper!


  • 2 chip board covers 8 x 8 or 6 x 6 or whatever you fancy!
  • 8-10 paper/card/acetate/fabric pages about 1/4 inch smaller eg: 7 3/4 x 7 3/4 or 6 3/4 x 6 3/4 etc.  I got creative with my Silhouette Cameo and put some lovely travel quotes  from The Buddha, Confucius and Tolkien on the edges of our pages.
  • Cut 10-12 chipboard or card page spacers the height of your book and approximately 1 inch wide- they really help give the book structure when your pressing the pages wide to stick stuff in.
  • Punch holes evenly in all the pages- be carful that you line them all up so that each page is punched the same.  I put 3 holes in my 8 x 8 book but I think 2 would be nicer in a 6 x 6 book and a standard hole punch would do it lovely.
Pretty paper pages

Pretty paper pages

Use a blunt edged object to score a line one inch in on the hole-punched edge of your covers and pages. Place your pieces like so: cover-spacer-page-spacer-page-etc-spacer-cover together and put a brad front to back and press it’s legs open. I didn’t put spacers by the acetate pages because they provided their own strength. Leave it like that so you can add or remove pages but when you’re all done filling your little book use a second set of brads and break or cut the legs off them and glue in place over the legs of the front brads.

Behind the back...

Behind the back…

Voila- A unicorn-distracting-squirrel-tail-calming-hedgehog-prickle barring road tripping travel scrapbook.

Road Trippin

Road Trippin

Our supply of travel scrapping stuff:

Travel Scrapbook Supplies

Travel Scrapbook Supplies

Everything but the stapler fits in the little navy polka-dot pencil case.  Not photographed is my Instax 210 camera and my Instax Mini 8 camera- our crew wouldn’t think of it as a real trip if I weren’t lugging around three cameras!

Climb on in. We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to catch a big one.  What a beautiful day. We’re not scared.

Just mind the hedgehog- she is only little.



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