The Monday Project: Picture This Week

This is fair week.  I expect to be a busy busy mom with my three hardworking girls but what I really want to do is capture this experience. The moments that will remind them of the privilege and burden that comes with being responsible for another living creature’s health and well being. I also want to remind them when they are older about the role that food plays in our world- animals particularly.  It is an important topic and in the USA (home of the giant portion) as meat prices play a very important role in the health of our farming industry.

We eat meat at home four or five times a week. It is a sparingly used most the time: a handful of ground beef is more than enough meat for our entire family in spaghetti.  K. feels particularly hard done by when she isn’t allowed seconds of the meat but when you think about portions meats are served in it is crazy: no one could possibly need to eat a steak the size of your head along side a potato the size of your head! And I can guarantee you it was no good thing that produced your 99 cents a pound chicken breast that is big enough to feed and entire family!

So this is the time where all the early mornings, shoveling out soiled hay, and cutting short fun to look after the goat’s needs comes to fruition.  Its frightening: an expert will look at their kids and tell them whats good and whats not.  Animal welfare in our food industry would be better if meat processing leaders were made to go through the youth ag programs.

So this week I will be running a series of posts from morning noon and night at the fair.  I haven’t tried mobile posting yet so if there are any glitches lets all just blame it on the technology ok?

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Welcome to the fair.



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