The Monday Project: DIY Fair Time T-shirts

We are almost there!  We are on a final countdown here in the Sweet Little Wood.  Next week begins all the joy and madness that is fair time.

CNC goats from my SVG.

CNC goats from my SVG.

Our local county fair is called The Apple Show. It is a wonderful country fair in Boonville held at the beginning of September.  We love it, but it hasn’t got a livestock auction so if you want to sell your market animals you have to go to The Redwood Empire Fair which is held in Ukiah the first weekend in August.  The thing about Ukiah is this: it’s a bigger town with all the social issues that go with that PLUS we are in California’sEmerald Triangle“.  Now I’m not going to enter the fray on that subject except to say that cannabis is rife in Mendocino County and I don’t like the thought of my children being exposed to it.  Plus Ukiah is generally several degrees hotter than we are in Anderson Valley- so you know- that kind of sucks.  I’m not sure if we will do market animals next year.  It kind of limits our summer fun as we are tied to the animals and fair time in prime campout season and M. is not a fan of missing out on prime campout season!

Vinyl 4-H tshirts in action

Vinyl 4-H tshirts in action

So the girls and I are in crazy mode:  getting goats ready for show, finishing paperwork (why are there so many freaking pieces of paper?!?), finishing off posters, making up buyer gifts (more about those later), and packing for camping at the fair site.

 I am making t-shirts for our 4-H group.  A different design for each project group.  I have the luxury of cutting Vinyl on a Silhouette Cameo but this project is totally do-able without a craft cutter using  almost free materials.  I am not going to reinvent the wheel but I will totally direct you other people who have done it before. Better.

So first of all: for 4-H there is a free SVG online get it and use it if you need it.  Its pretty awesome that its freely available.  At the bottom of this post I will include a JPEG, SVG and Silhouette file of my 4 leaf clover which is a little different to the 4-H emblem on wiki-commons.  Print your clover and whatever else you need on normal paper to use as a template for cutting wax paper or as I understand (but haven’t tried) you can print directly on a piece of freezer paper and the design will iron onto your t-shirt- the tutorial is over herejust be sure to reverse the image.   The font I used (basically it is my favorite font EVER) is called Lobster and is widely free on the internet. It is also really easy to cut out being nicely chunky with lots of strait lines.  Our 4-H t-shirts were designed by me and made on a Silhouette Cameo.  The 4-H goats are my own SVG design available along side other 4-H animals in my Etsy shop.  There are loads of animal SVG outlines out there that are totally free but I needed my animals to be accurate, detailed and in a “show” position for my design.  If you want an animal for free I suggest you Google the animal, find a photo that is copyright free and print it out and just cut out around the animal and use it as a template.

These are the ways you can TOTALLY do this project for free with stuff in your house:

1: Freezer paper, bleach, t-shirt, iron.

2: Freezer paper, printer paper, printer, t-shirt, iron.

3: Freezer paper, paint, t-shirt, iron.

4: Freezer paper, crayon, t-shirt, iron. (I LOVE this!)

We like to make freezer paper shirts with t-shirts that are stained on the front (damn coffee).

Esther's sign

Esther’s sign

The metal signs are for our goat pens again cut from my own SVG by my cousins talented husband Bob Gaston at Gaston Farrier and Forge.  He isn’t online yet but if you are interested in his work I can hook you up.  He can make virtually anything with his CNC machine. Serious awesomeness!  

The actual writing was cut from removable vinyl by Cricut.  I LOATHE their vinyl.  It was so difficult to use and I cursed it long and loud at almost every step.  I shall be looking at a different brand in future.

SweetLittleWood.Freebee 4-H emblem- JPEG,Silhouette&SVG




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