The Monday Project: A Teen Girl Gift

I have terrible crafter’s block. I might have to go and sit in a cool shady spot and just stare at the sky for about a year!  Filling out pedantic 4-H handbooks with the “who, what, when, how, with what purpose, for how long, did you pick your nose or pee while doing it” questions is draining me of the will to be productive!

Its such bad timing because this week is the big 13!

Its a tradition in our family (after doing it once when K. turned 13 it’s now EXPECTED) to watch Kevin Becomes a Teenager on You-Tube.  I find it incredibly painful to watch and I cringe throughout feeling like a fraud every time I laugh at Keven’s transformation!

Anyhow- I digress again… Yes. E. is turning 13.  And I haven’t made her anything.  In our house that is a big deal. A big poopie bad deal.

So this is my get out of jail free card.  It is the easiest and most appreciated gift I ever give; I have given it lots and lots of times before!

Sweet Little Wood-1

A sketch book.

SweetLittleWood. acrylic paints

Some paints & a  little time.

Sweet Little Wood. Sketchbook project stencil, paint, craft


The hot air balloon is my own design but this is so totally easy to do with any shape or stencil design! I used a paintbrush for the sky and a simple facial cotton swab for the clouds and stenciling (can we all have a cheer for cheap household things that are just going to get crapped up with paint).   Genuinely I just slapped that junk on anyone can do it!   For other ideas see HERE.

Until later y’all I leave you with this:

Hot air balloon SVG on Etsy.

Hot air balloon SVG on Etsy.

Jo xx

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