Red, White and Parched.

Good Wednesday lovely people!

They were predicting cooler weather here. They lied.

Hot days call for watermelon to the rescue!

Hot days call for watermelon to the rescue!

We live in the middle of nowhere with feilds, woods and hills on one side of the  highway; more field, woods, hills on the other. Literally. Our kids go to school in a town called Boonville. It is tiny and half an hour away. That may not seem like much if you live in rural Wyoming or in the bread belt, but for California we are isolated. So the only services that run out here are electric and phone and those go out pretty regularly as dead trees regularly take out the wires.

We have no cell reception at our house. Visitors will show up and be like: Oh I’ll just send a text if there is no cell reception.  Naw.  Not even the scrappiest bit of text is getting in or out of the cell black zone we live in. In order to get internet we had to get it by satellite. AND… there is no postal service… yup.  No. Postal. Service.  I grew up in the country and that is something I had never heard of. People who had PO boxes didn’t live on the highway like we do- they were like 15 miles down a dirt track.

Anyhow… sorry got distracted… where was I…

Sun tea brewing on the porch.

Sun tea brewing on the porch.

So our water is from a spring. Every one of our neighbors all have water problems like wells drying up and creeks gone dry (CA is in a drought but this happens to some of our neighbors in non drought years too). The spring we use never ever stops. It keeps the big  5000 gallon tank for our use full and the cattle’s 5000 gallon tank full all summer. It is crystalline, cool and delicious… or was before we went up to look at the collection point and realized every time a wild boar finds our spring  or it rains it can be contaminated because it isn’t properly collected.  So we drink big jugs of bottled water that M. fills up in the city (yick tasting).  And we use our water wisely but pretty freely too UNTILL something goes wrong.  Last year it was a frog stuck in the pipe. This year the pipe was knocked loose- probably by a cow or pig- and yesterday we had nothing. 106 degrees and we had no water.   Then a pipe was broken in the investigations (the house is about 130 years old- the pipes are old a little brittle ).

Yeah so guess what… we are all pretty sticky and we probably stink! It should all be fixed today God willing.

Now- I wanted to share a second crafty post for your Stars Free-bee! The files are available HERE. I’ve added blue and red JPEG files for printing.

A Stars and Stripes banner!

Stars and Stripes pennant banner for 4th of July.

Stars and Stripes pennant banner for 4th of July.

This was actually so so much fun to make. The girls and I settled in front of Scooby Doo 2 (one of our favorite go-to funny films) and munched popcorn and drank ice tea  while I threaded it together. It’s totally self explanatory, but here you go anyway:

I used:

white crochet thread

red striped butchers string and blue crochet thread

1 sheets red bazzil card, 1 sheets blue bazzil card and 1 sheets white bazzil card.

I cut on a Silhouette Cameo the white stars smaller (16 to a 12 x 12 in sheet) and the red and blue bigger (5 to a 12 x 12 in sheet) just for visual stimulation and so I could put more white than red and blue in the string. I made the tassels by winding my red striped butcher twine and blue crochet thread around my hand to elbow till I thought I had enough and cut it into two approximately even lengths. Each tassel has about four red and white strands and two blue tied into a loop at the top.  Then I used a needle and got to threading through the yarn tassel loop then through the star hole. to get the stars to hang flat i looped the thread over the next star like so:

4th of July Stars and Stripe pennant banner. Thread through gaps and hook thread over the next star point.

4th of July Stars and Stripe pennant banner. Thread through gaps and hook thread over the next star point.

Its really cute hung up with its stripy tassel goodness. It made about 24 ft of banner and took about an hour to put together.

SweetLittleWood. starsandstripebanner2.4thofJuly2014

Hope you all are having a well hydrated and 75 degree week!

xx Jo

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