While the Mice are Away…

The cat gets to clean up their mess.

Simon's Cat in suitcase

K. E. and J. are in LA this week at a bible camp put on by the Christadelphians. I can say with authority (because K. finally called me after 5 days of me sending disgusting “Miss you guys. Hope you’re OK… hint hint.” texts) that they are having a fantastic time.

So I am-  in time old fashion– cleaning their dreadfully messy room. I have found most of our MIA socks, a stash of candy wrappers shoved down in a hidden crevasse only steps away from the little trash basket, and all three of the sunscreen bottles which mysteriously vanished about a month ago.   To give K. her due her space was clean and tidy.  I am hoping in a few years when E. is 15 she too will be tidy… it’s laughably unlikely but still I hope. It reminds me of something I learned about Pack-Rats:  their midden’s can contain well preserved  materials from thousands of years ago allowing scientists to reconstruct the environments and map changing environmental conditions.   So really E. and J. aren’t being messy- they are merely preserving information for future archaeologists.

However- next time I will shame them with photos…. maniacal laugh.

I also have for you  lovely visitors to the Sweet Little Wood a little Free-Bee!

Free-Bee SVG and JPEG for craft cutters and printing

Free-Bee SVG and JPEG for craft cutters and printing

The JPEG in my last post is an SVG.  I have modified it into a black line Silhouette file, a black line  SVG and a colour SVG which can be used with craft cutters such as the Silhouette or Cuttlebug.  Also included is a black line and color JPEG for those without a cutter but would like to print it out. Just click this link:

SweetLittleWood.handmade life-SVG.JPEG.SILH


xx Jo

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